10 Christmas looks this season that you should not miss

Christmas is coming, and you must have been looking out for shopping with your friends and family members. Being the festival of Colors, Christmas brings immense joy and affection among the whole family and even neighbors. Therefore, outfits for Christmas also need to be special to preserve those unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

Christmas attire has much craze among all countries in the world and so as the makeup too. Christmas makeup has a great buzz among the people of all ages, and everyone wants to be either merge with the culture-rich environment or be the center of attraction with a stunning look.

This is quite probable as one would certainly want to have a great holiday season with the best possible version of them. Moreover, the Christmas makeup looks accompany best in the Christmas season to gear up with social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Therefore, we are bringing you the top 10 Christmas makeup looks 2019 that everyone must try on 24th and 25th.

Glowing red lips

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A glowing yet elegant looking red lips is a perfect companion of any glam attire from all aspects. Add this truly compelling red color to your lips that pop out with your designer wear in a charming way. This classic colored lipstick is the most preferred one due to its great complemented nature with every occasional wear.


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Eyelashes are probably the best means to brighten up your face by adding a touch of perfection to your makeup. Low key style mascara or a glitter based style tends to provide an elegant look to your eyes and enhances the charm by creating a good impression on others at first glance.

Burgundy lips

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This classy yet attractive lipstick is one of the best options for the Christmas makeup sets and without this, no Christmas looks can be fulfilled. The vibrant color of burgundy lipstick can perfectly complement a bright-red dress. That may be a party or a family gathering in your house, and this will add a mesmerizing touch to your look.

Pink smokey eyes

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If you want to add an impressive yet decent look to your Christmas makeup ideas hen this for sure is the best way to bring out the beauty of your eyes in a silent way. Although having this correctly done could be quite tricky, it looks amazing once done perfectly.

Green lids

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Although this sort of touch to your style could be quite fancy meant for parties; a subtle touch could enhance your glam to a great extent. This would be one of the smart Christmas eye makeup ideas if you can match your attire and earrings with this makeup.

The Retro style matte red lipstick

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This glossy lipstick can be a perfect complement to the cat eyelashes as if in the Old Hollywood glamorous roles. If you are about to attend a party with your group mates but still want to look gorgeous with a highlighting look, then this type of lipstick is must in the Christmas makeup palette.

Winged liner and dark red lips

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A classic yet bold look with the stunning liner and dark red colored lips is a perfect complement for a formal outfit. You could never go wrong with this set of makeup in your Christmas makeup products bought for the parties and gatherings.

Dark and smoky eyes

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Although this Christmas makeup looks easy, making a dark yet attractive look with eyes to complement your royal designer wears and curly hair could be a great addition to the festival.

Dark eye wings with nude lips

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A simple yet elegant way of looking at Christmas can complement your crafted hairstyle with a striking pair of earrings. Both light and bold colored dresses can enhance the look of this version which you will undoubtedly fall in love with. Even eyes with bright-colored wings create a charming effect.

The 90’s glam lipstick

pexels photo 2816544


The glam makeup of the 90s is still leading in the top preferred lists of style by women and is undoubtedly the unmatchable ones. Try this 90’s nude lipstick to enhance the charm of your face to a whole new level. This is a must-have lipstick in the kit of Christmas makeup 2019

All these makeup styles are meant to complement any of your special designer wears for the Christmas holiday season that may be a party with your buddies or a gathering with your friends and family members. Furthermore having those styles in your Christmas makeup sets 2019 can surely be helpful in one or the other way for any of your special occasions. Try the preferred ones from those looks to create an impression within the first glance and be a center of attraction among your friends.