10 Essential 2020 Tech News For You

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As 2020 comes to an end, which are the 2020 tech news that rocked the world. To stay tuned to the latest updates, have a look at some latest headlines.


  1. Salesforce is attempting to buy stocks

The merits are inclusive of bringing the start of a share of slack to salesforce. It also brings the enterprise reaching to Slack. It comes to the questions that are yielding precise results about how slack fits into the CRM Salesforce platform. The 2020 tech news is bringing the slacks operator chapter that hasn’t taken control of the market in the 10+ years since the release. Still, the investors from slack are working with the concept of the salesforce and the company. On the other hand, investors in the company are unlocking nearly $20 of the share price. The concern is all about the slack owner’s stocking.


  1. Amazon web series experiencing a major outage

The latest news is about Amazon’s cloud computing unit, namely the amazon web services suffering the state’s blackout. That said, adobe and other services relying on AWS are reporting some issues related to the website. There are specific clients like slack and apple appearing to be unaffected among some other major services. There are issues generated as a result of the outage software maker Autodesk. Finetech Company proves to be a shift delivery service. Some are contributing to errors. The measure AWS customers are refraining from appears to be experiencing issues as a result of the outage.


  1. Doordash paying $2.5 million for settling a lawsuit

The policy marked its change last year. A delivery specialist is going to $11.5 million in relief to the people. This norm is for those who are using tips as wages between 2017 and 19. In this regard, Doordash has not gotten rid of paying dollar 2.5 million for setting a loss with charging. It is estimated that the involved third-party delivery specialist is responsible for misleading consumers in Washington dc related to how its work is paid to the drivers. The settlement is considering around dollar 1.5 million in relief paid to the delivery workers.

These workers are referred to as the dashers. Besides, Doordash is also reporting that it will be maintaining the payment model. This aspect will be ensuring that all the tips go to the workers without lowering the base pay at any cost. Everything will come, including straightforward and easy access to information related to the keeping policies reported by the attorney general Karl Racine.


  1. The UK is going to spend millions on helping companies avoid Huawei

First of all, the latest 2020 tech news is that the United Kingdom had banned Chinese giant Huawei from participating in the development strategies anymore. The development and telecom companies have made plans for the removal of the Huawei equipment by 2027. Now the situation is that the UK is revealing that it will be spending 250 million pounds, which is approximately dollar 333 million, for replacing the equipment from Huawei from the telecom infrastructure in the country. This amount is going to be around 50 million pounds to be spent. Huawei has been banned with the objective of no further distortions in building the secure and resilient 5g network in July 2024.

The UK banned Huawei from even taking part in the development phase. It is also believed that it has become the result of the United States’ pressure that had previously banned Huawei. More and more companies are banning the Chinese brand from working on the telecom network because they are all afraid of security concerns. That said, Nokia and Ericsson are benefiting from the policies.


  1. France is going go tax big-tech

In recent tech news 2020, the highlight was that France has said that it will be essential to consider a digital tax on the online technological joint for the earnings in 2020. This event is going to happen despite the detail. The tie is with us that is also impacting firms like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and apple. Washington has recently mentioned that it is going to retaliate with the new tariff delivering the french imports. Some reports are quoting the french ministry official regarding the company’s being subject to the tax that has been notified.


  1. Apple is going to stand behind the indicted security chief

The Grand jury in Santa Clara country of California has now indicated Thomas Moore, the head of global security at the apple, for bribery. There is tech news 2020 regarding messing with around 200 iPad to the other countries sheriff’s office in exchange for the concealed carry permit. The problem is regarding the four apple employees. The attorney of Moore has also said that he has not been involved in anything wrong. He has also reported that notably, Apple is standing behind.

The executive, the apple spokesperson, has marked the statement that they expect all the employees to conduct themselves with integrity. Besides, they have also mentioned the allegations that were conducted with internal investigations. There are no findings regarding wrongdoing. California lawyers are giving the broad discretion for deciding who can get the permit for carrying a concealed weapon in the state.


  1. Ad-banning AI is responsible for hurting small business owners

Facebook is now putting effort into cracking down on violations of the ad policies being mistakenly penalized. Advertisers and other online sellers on Facebook had started relying more heavily on artificial intelligence, especially during the pandemic. Hundreds of advertisers are saying that they have the ads. Over the pandemic period, there has been a problem in the manner of accounts being banned. This problem has happened despite not violating any of the policies. The result has been such that the small business owners who were relying heavily on Facebook for reaching the customers are now taking a massive hit on the eve of holiday shopping.


  1. Hacker claims to have user data from Parler

There has been a Twitter storm regarding the hack of the conservative social media. The latest news is saying that a hacker has access to the basic user information derived from Parler. The hack is referring to the unconfirmed security breach of the social media website Parler. This incident occurred on November 24, 2020, where there were some people on Twitter saying that the hacked information is inclusive of the direct messages and the social security leak. It has come up as a result of the hack. However, this is not clear till now.


  1. Coinbase intending to suspend margin trading

Coinbase is estimating to extend the margin trading feature entirely next month, and this is going to happen once the existing positions expire. When customers trade on margin, they will borrow the funds from the exchange or broker effectively. It will be working for covering the cost of an investment in an asset like security. The exchange points to additional guidance from the CFTC, referring to conditions like March guidance around the digital assets’ actual delivery.

This factor is becoming the reason for the decision. However, it is not specified in the aspect of guidance. It is also providing rules around when the customer can claim to have legally taken control of cryptocurrency. Assets are being purchased with the help of leverage or the margins contract that cannot be liquidated.


  1. Exclusive: VCs finally announcing their top-funded startups of 2020

All year, the business insider has been asking about the venture capital investors for naming the rising star startups in areas like retail, finance, and healthcare. It is revolving around a video production of a company for at home broadcasting. The entire involvement is in-depth regarding the sift by all of them to pick the highest 100 startups of 2020.


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You’ve got the relevant tech 2020 news sticking to tech things you need to know today. Stay tuned for more information.