10 Reasons Why You Should Have More Sex with Your Partner

What is the first thing that comes into our mind when we talk about sex? Is it just to relax the hormonal release in the body or to have the ultimate pleasure of intimacy? Well, it is not the only source to remain happy throughout life. Some people can’t have intimacy just because they don’t like it or due to sexual disorders but it doesn’t mean that they are unhappy.

According to research, there are several benefits of being sexually active. Gone are the days when one was allowed to have sex only with their life partner and that too after the marriage. Breaking such shallow stereotypes, health experts have revealed several benefits of having sex.

When it comes to the very definition of sex, it is to communicate, navigate and compromise with each other. There are various ways of having physical intimacy like masturbation, deep kissing or even watching porn. But, there are some vital benefits of sex in marriage.

Know why sex is important in human life

High emotional level

If you are thinking that is sex healthy every day, I would say ‘Yes’. It is the blissful afterglow that one experiences due to the release of certain hormones in the brain. Dopamine, testosterone, and endorphins together play a vital role in enhancing the bond between the human pair and acts as a glue in the relationship. Apart from the cheered mood, it inculcates a positive attitude and fosters optimistic emotions in a person.

Relieves one from stress

In this busy life, people of all age groups face some or the other kind of stress. To get rid of it, we take massage, yogas and even hot baths. For your information, sex is the best and an essential stress-reliever. During intercourse, oxytocin is released into the bloodstream that further acts as a stress relief thereby providing relaxation. It even lowers the stress in the relationship of a married couple.

Enhances your fertility

when it comes to the health benefits of sex for females, it enhances their fertility. Not only women but men too have essential benefits. Frequently making love with your partner boosts up the quality of sperm as it enhances semen health. For women, frequent intercourse balances their hormonal release and even helps in regulating periods. it further makes the chances of conceiving quite better.

Provides relaxation from period cramps

Irregular periods due to hectic lifestyle are the major reason behind the unbearable cramps. When having frequent intercourse, it improves the menstrual cycle, reduces stress level and reduces the pain and tolerance of pain due to the secretion of endorphins in the body.

Look attractive and young

Couples making frequent love and have sex regularly looks quite younger and attractive. When you are sexually active, the body generates a chemical named pheromones. Pheromones help in enhancing one’s appeal thereby making you look attractive. The body even releases DHEA that improves the health of the skin, improves digestion and enhances your smell sense.

Improves sleep pattern

It is witnessed that just after the sex, most of the couples nod off. As per the renowned professionals, it is the release of euphoric oxytocin and the reduction of stress hormones named cortisol. Due to the release and reduction of the hormones, the body shifts into a relaxing state. This is the reason why one has better sleep after intercourse.

Provide relief from depression

Regular sex and physical intimacy with the spouse might lower the excitement and thrill. But it does not mean it does not play any importance. Happy hormones or the key anti-depressant element released in the body is serotonin.

During intercourse, serotonin is released at a high rate that uplifts one’s mood, providing a happier, relaxed and joyous feeling. One of the most prominent reasons why sex is important in a marriage is the cheerful mood which is the key aspect of a happy relationship.

Improves the relationship

When the sex life of the couple is good and thrilling, it keeps the man committed. As oxytocin is the love hormone, it gets elevated in men during sex. This drives them to remain committed in a particular relationship and remain away from the other ones. High oxytocin level in the body is the vital reason why we feel committed with the one with whom we have sex.

Boosts your confidence level

Having intimate moments with anyone is a bit hesitating. But having body-loving moments with those whom we trust and love the most enhances our confidence level. Due to the high dopamine rush, we have a good feeling about ourselves. When we are confident, we feel sexually satisfied with our body image.

Post-sex cuddles would bring magic

Just going for a sweet sleep just after intercourse is not enough if you genuinely want to make your relationship stronger. A bit of cuddle with your partner would not only provide them with a secured feeling but would work well in those relationships that have a great communication gap.

The benefits are many but you must start well to provide a comfortable feel to your partner. Make sure you proceed only when your spouse is pretty confident and feel comfortable with you. Enjoy each and every moment of intimacy with love and care. Avoid rushing and try to understand the sentiments of your partner. Take a calm approach and don’t force your loved ones just for your self-pleasure.