10 Things To Do This Diwali

Celebrating the prosperous festival of lights is not just about bursting crackers and enjoying the sweet delicacies. The festive of togetherness, Diwali is the most popular Indian festival which reunites the people and strengthens the bond between them. The four days of this festive season is celebrated with all pomp and show. The rush in the market, crowds at the Diya and decoration shops start from the very first day of Dhanteras.

Well, the most common thing which one does on the auspicious occasion of Happy Diwali is catching up with friends, distributing sweets to the near ones, lighting diyas and bursting crackers and enjoying the whole night partying together. No sooner you start enjoying than the day ends up quickly and again we eagerly wait for the next year to enjoy in the same pompous way. Its importance is so high that it truly imbibes the festive feeling with a sense of purity. This is the most awaited festival which everyone adores a lot. Well, apart from this, there is some stuff which you should do during this season.

Renovate your home with uniqueness

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This Deepawali, bring the unique artistic skills within you and decorate your house with creativity. Well, being the festival of lights, use Indian made lighting products rather than those Chinese light bulbs. This way you would not only help in the growth of your economy but you would be able to decorate your house with the fancy lights. Some sorts of the renovation should be done like painting, repairing so that your house looks completely new on the D-day.


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On the day of Deepawali, everyone is in the joyous mood of celebration. Feel free to celebrate without taking the stress of work. It is time to catch up with your friends and spend the best time with them while celebrating all together. You can organize a party or visit any slum area to make their Deepawali fun-filled.

Help the needy ones

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To make your Diwali 2019 the best one, nothing other than helping the needy ones would give you a cherishing feel. Share and donate something to the poor. This way, you would not only make your festival an authentic one but also brighten someone else’s day. Many underprivileged ones expect to make their festive day elegant. Contribute to their happiness and feel the enthusiastic zeal in you.

Go green

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This year, say a big NO to the Diwali crackers. Just burning your money in the form of crackers is not good. It is not only strenuous on your wallet but is highly dangerous for the environment and mankind. Rather making such occasions noisy and traumatizing for others, celebrate Green Diwali this year. Illuminate your house with the beautiful LED balls and play with the glittering lights.

Try Rangoli

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Every one of us has drawn something or other in our childhood days. But what about now? Bring out the artistic skill in you and play with rangoli colors. Rangoli does not only bring prosperity and wealth but carries good luck in it. It can be regarded as the hallmark of Deepawali celebration. Use different colors and create charming designs at your entrance.

Give greetings to the near ones

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Diwali greetings are the best way to remind the people that you genuinely think about them. Create customized cards and offer to your loved ones. Moreover, you can also gift something to the dear ones. One can design it on their own or get it designed from the experts.

Surprise your near ones with their favourite gift

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Gifting is the most essential part of celebrating Deepawali. As this festival is the symbol of joy, celebration and to surprise your near and dear ones, giving them the special gift would surely please them. Capture the happiness in their faces and embrace their enjoyment.

Performing the Diwali Puja

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Any festival without any rituals remains incomplete. Deepawali is the day when Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi shower their blessings in the form of wealth and prosperity. Worship them and organize a short Puja to recall them and thank God for their unknown presence that brings goodness in the life of others.

Shop like a shopaholic

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Deepawali is the time to make your loved ones feel special and enthusiastic. Shop something for everyone and bring something new to your house. As per Hindu mythological belief, buying gold and silver is the sign of inviting Goddess Lakshmi into your house. Although it is not mandatory, you should buy something that you liked for a long time.

Don’t drink and do gambling

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Donating the collected amount is the actual importance of playing cards on the auspicious occasion of Deepawali. This festival should not be celebrated while playing like a gambler. It is the sign of disrespecting the goddess of wealth. If you are enjoying yourself with your friends, eat something delicious like sweets and snacks rather drinking and partying the whole night.

Well, there are still a lot more things that you can do on Diwali this year. But make sure your only motive should be to cherish the mood of others. Take all possible care to make this festival a joyous and worth remembering for yourself and others. Remain a bit away from your gadgets and spend some enjoying and rejuvenating moments with your family and friends. Follow these tips and you would surely bring a worthy change this year.