7 Things to Make Your First Date Memorable

So, you have found your new love and feeling quite excited about your first date? Meeting the dearest one for the very first time has a mixed feeling of nervousness and excitement. To become a part of their real dream, you need to actively participate in this and make your first meeting an unforgettable one. Well, this blog will help you in setting up a first date that both of you would cherish for a lifetime.

One is hardly aware of the other’s preferences and this is the reason why one feels quite confused about the first date idea. Whether the settings you are planning would please the other or not, whether they would complement your attire or not and many more. Being a confusing state, one gets stuck in what to do what not to do. There are some probable issues that one can encounter and managing these situations will set the tone of the relationship in the coming years.

Few notable things you should do for your first date meeting

Selection of the venue

The venue you are selecting should create a romantic atmosphere for both of you. Generally, most of the people prefer restaurants and parks as their location. Well, the selection of the venue would speak a lot about your character and preference. Avoid crowded and noisy spot and choose such places that are quiet and allow you to communicate better.

Ask about their preferences directly

Before you set out for your first meeting, be sure about their few likes and dislikes. This would allow you to make the plans accordingly. Even if you are asking them for the first meeting, you should be generous and polite enough. Avoid being too impatient as it may show your over excitement which is also not good.

Dressing sense

Girls, avoid using too much makeup to impress the dear one. Focus on your apparel as well. The first date outfit should not be too formal or casual. Wearing a party wear a costume just because you look awesome in it and visiting a park would not sound good. Dress as you dress daily to visit particular venues. Keep it simpler and sober as real beauty is defined in one’s simplicity. Don’t feel confused, wear what you like the most but don’t make it too heavy.

Be punctual

Arriving on time is the very basic thing that speaks about your personality. Be punctual enough and don’t let the other one wait for a long time. Well, no one can avoid unseen situations and the reason for the delay may vary from person to person and situation to situation. Make sure you inform the other person on time so that they may not wait for you unnecessarily at the unknown place. Even if you are late, apologize for it as it shows your loyal nature.

Be a patient listener

Many times, no sooner the person enters the venue than he or she starts with the list of first date question. It might sound quite rude. Don’t keep on asking and boasting about your own. You need to be a patient listener and calmly understand what your date is trying to express. Don’t even interrupt them in between as it may sound quite rude. Avoid pressuring them to speak everything at a first meeting only. Try to keep the conversation flawless while being a patient listener and a generous speaker.

Think about the post-date communication

Don’t be arrogant and wait for the other one to text or call after your first meeting. This may lead to poor communication skill and you may end up losing your relation with them. Remain in touch with them and show your concern nature towards the other. Girls often think that the boys should text first as it is the basic rule. Ignore such rules and make the first move. Show your appreciation about the first meeting and express your feeling for such many meetings.

Don’t stop complimenting each other

Avoid adding harsh comments like “You are not like my dream person as I thought about you.” This would not only end up your relation there but might shatter the feelings of the other. If you are meeting for the first time after a long term relation, complement them and honestly speaking, girls like the compliments very much.

One of the most vital first date tips is that you should not lose your originality just to please the other person. Don’t force the other person to love you while acting in a way they like. Just relax and plan calmly and patiently. Focus on making your first meeting a memorable one that would pave the way for an inseparable bonding in times to come.