Working with Huge Volumes of Data? Know the Best Cloud Storage Options for your Business

 Cloud computing has been a buzzword for data centric businesses for quite some time.  Do you know that in recent years, approx. 85% of organizations use cloud computing?

Today, we are using the cloud computing platform, everyday, without even realizing it. For instance, if you use web-based Gmail for e-mail exchanges or YouTube or Skype for video calling, you use cloud computing. In the present scenario, cloud computing service is a massive development that ensures businesses operate innovatively.

With the best cloud storage options, it is easy to maintain large data without any hustle.

Whether it is managing a huge workload or the trickiest data structure, it ensures efficacy. However, let’s peep into the prominent perks of cloud computing:

Why the Best Cloud Storage Options matter for your Business

  • 24/7 Availability

Although IT departments do not operate 24/7, they are bound to provide service without stopping. It is vital to manifest the needs of eCommerce sites, e-portals, and staffs working at odd hours. Cloud computing ensures easy monitoring, thereby fixing the issues. It extends customer support service, which sustains the modern ‘Customer service for 24/7’ service.

  • Cloud computing is flexible

Irrespective of the growing or fluctuating market demands, cloud computing makes it easier for businesses to tackle such dynamic situations. Hence, with the increase in business needs, one can conveniently scale up the cloud capacity and vice versa. Higher agility levels provide real-time advantages to businesses.

  • Keep your data safe with disaster recovery

Large-scale businesses invest in robust recovery programs to keep their bulk data safe and secure. Does it prohibit small business owners from using cloud computing services due to financial issues? However, free cloud storage options are available now, making them manage their crucial data without fear. Moreover, their recovery options are versatile and save the data in various formats from time to time.

  • Improved service

The major company invest in cloud computing to enhance their IT services. Genuinely, they have improved the data structure, making it easier to perform a business. Regular data backups and timely recovery does not only safeguard the information but also eliminates the traditional method of bookkeeping and accountancy. There are complaint cells for 2/7 that eliminates the issues of the customers.

  • Hosted Email

Hosted Email is the success key to the growth of modern Google Apps and SMEs. Various firms don’t take enough interest in managing email servers. Today, they don’t even have to struggle for it. The movement towards the hosted email eventually increases the mailbox storage number, thereby reducing the demand for emails that firms put on IT departments.

  • Reduced pricing

Low cloud computing cost has made it highly affordable for everyone to avail its services. Lower pricing prompts the customer to use more services, thereby gearing up their economy. Such an impressive acceptance starts with the low pricing, which prompts investment in the new service. Consequently, it raises market expenditure, scaling up the computing economy.

  • OPEX model of pricing

Earlier, companies had to pay an advance amount to seek hardware or software license. However, with cloud services, it is easy to rent out everything. With a mere contractual sign with the management, you seek approval for a particular project. Hence, it becomes economical for many companies to invest in vivid projects.

  • Ensures quick and simple order

It is super easy to sign up for the cloud service. With a simple web browser and debit/credit card, you can order cloud computing services without falling prey to salesmen or brokers. Once you access the service, you can further add up new capacities or users conveniently.

  • Free up your IT staff

Cloud service performs major work itself. Hence, it is not valuable to invest in IT staff for maintaining bugs or taking care of software updates. Moreover, IT departments spend less time on their maintenance and spare more time on a strategic initiative to improve business operation.

  • Improved collaboration with the team

Among top-rated cloud services, collaboration is the most requested services that users buy. Better collaboration and file sharing option ensures the team to edit the document in real-time and operate it from the corner of the world. No matter wherever the individuals are, it ensures successful teamwork.

  • Actively marketing

Earlier, customization was limited to large firms, which paid to attract new customers. Through cloud computing platforms, it is convenient for middle and small-sized business to attract new and potential customers. Such platforms use online and offline marketing techniques to target the user specifically. Moreover, it interestingly attracts new customers.

  • Friendly business continuity

Major cloud computing service operated through the internet. It is beneficial, in terms of, business continuity. Hence, even if your office faces unseen calamities, you can easily access your data and retrieve all crucial information about the company. Moreover, staffs can also work from home through a broadband connection.

Without any surprise, cloud computing has been growing at 84%  in the past five years. However, it still requires plentiful growth. Consequently, such massive growth has made IT jobs far interesting. From provisioning, maintaining to upgrading, the entire cloud service is easily accessible. There will be a time when business would rely on this due to its affordability, reliability and flexibility. Hence, there are plenty of reasons that make the use of cloud computing platform go crazy.