Get an Idea about the Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kolkata

Know in Details the Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kolkata

Often regarded as the cultural capital of India, Kolkata is the most beautiful place that offers a plethora of options to the travellers. The city of joy has not only amazed the people dwelling in the state but is the most preferred destination for travellers. Be it the day time or night, the city keeps one engaged with different activities. Iconic landmarks, exciting historical monuments, cultural bazaars and parks and most importantly, mouth-watering cuisine is what attracts a large number of tourists. One should check out the best tourist places to visit in Kolkata to experience real-time fun.

The beauty of the city during the night is highly mesmerising. Find out the best places to have a perfect hangout with your friends.

What about midnight heritage tour?

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If you have been in the cultural capital of India then you should go for a heritage tour in midnight. Experiencing the beauty of Kolkata bathed in exotic lighting with minimal crowds ensures you to calmly enjoy the intricate scenes. Monuments like Victoria Memorial, Old Fort

William, St. Andrews Church, Writers Building, Eden Gardens and many more looks magical due to appealing lighting. They provide cool and calming ambience without any rush.

Take a visit at Prinsep Ghat

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Prinsep Ghat, a beautiful jetty, was building during the colonial era by the British. Located on the banks of River Hooghly, this is the best place to enjoy with your beloved one. As the sun sets and the moon is about to sparkle, the orange glaze reflects the building making the place quite delightful and soothing. Along with the illuminating moonlight, this is one of the best tourist places to visit in Kolkata to spend some special moments with your beloved amidst the cool breeze.

A long drive through the Vidyasagar Setu

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One of the popular tourists’ attractions of Kolkata is Vidyasagar Setu. Although you might have crossed the bridge during the day, a ride during night with your beloved creates a perfect romantic drive. The entire structure is quite mesmerising to see when it is lit up the beautiful lights. Apart from witnessing the glazy water of River Hooghly, a view of Princep Ghat is authentic.

Sing and dance the whole night at Park Street

If you are planning for the late-night party, Kolkata would surely not let you down. There are many venues and vibrant nightlife spots where you can groove away your stress and express your heart’s content with all gleams.

Few party places to enjoy your nightlife at Kolkata

A tour remains incomplete if you haven’t enjoyed the nightlife there. With time, it has now become the centre of attraction for party bombers where they can enjoy from the open heart. Take a look at the best night clubs in kolkata which you would of course, not resist at all.

Explore the nightlife culture at Roxy

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One of the best nightclubs in Kolkata is Roxy which welcomes its guests with a warm welcome. Offering classic cocktails adds energetic and an amazing aura to the place. Popular DJs are the part of this place that plays throughout the night. Dance throughout at the dance floor and enjoy at the sitting place with your beloved. Organise a grand party and cherish the joyous moments of your life here.

friends, dear ones and families amidst the simmering glory. Experience the magic dispelled here throughout the night. Believe me; it is going to be the best nightlife experience for you.


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The most sought nightclub destination of young and youth of Kolkata is Nocturne located in Theatre Road. A vigorous crowd of party lovers makes the place quite amazing. Build in the area of approx 3000 sq feet; it easily manages the large crowd without creating any panic. Proper arrangement of the dance floor, lounge, hookah and eateries would highly attract you.

M Bar Kitchen

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This is the hottest venue to have the perfect party in Kolkata. Contemporary and appealing interiors, fully stocked bars and European menus are its centrepieces of attraction. The best part of the place is the vibrant choice of music which would surely tempt you to show your dance moves. Even, international artists visit here to perform a concert.


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Though recently opened, it has taken a top position in the list of nightclubs in Kolkata. Appealing packages are offered here to the guests. Beginning from the interiors and amazing work of lighting is worth appealing. Lighting at the dance floor does not only add an attractive touch but prompts the guests to dance and enjoy the whole night.

There are various things to do here which is sure to make your nightlife the most memorable one. Apart from the above-mentioned nightlife places and clubs, you can enjoy the flavours of Kolkata at the street food. Dancing, singing and enjoying authentic food flavours are sure to prompt you. What are you waiting for? Plan your next trip to the city of joy and enjoy with your

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