Canada Election Results in 2019- Everything You Need To Know

“Canadians Voted In favor Of a Progressive Agenda”- the heart of Justin Trudeau’s speech.

Justin Trudeau defies scandals during his previous tenure to form the government for the second time but with a fractured majority. In the Canada Federal Election 2019, the Liberal party was again voted as the largest party with 157 seats; however, the lost out on majority by 13 seats. They are now expected to form a coalition government with Jagmeet Singh’s New Democratic Party which won 24 seats.

The second-largest party Conservative won the popular votes, but they were not translated into seats, which could have bought them to power.

On the other hand, the Canada election saw the Conservative party bagging 26 more seats to help them achieve the tally of 121 seats, thanks to the loss of 20 seats suffered by Liberal. The status of other parties: Bloc gaining 22 seats and New Democratic lost 15 seats from last general election.

The Canada election 2019 saw 6% less turnout than the 2015 general election. Justin Trudeau got the second term in power, even after losing out on the popular vote. The Conservative party got a good percentage of votes in Saskatchewan and Alberta, but it didn’t convert into seats.

Good News For Justin Trudeau

Yes, Trudeau’s Liberal party was unable to achieve the majority, but they still will be power. Liberal minority got four more years. There is also a sense of relief for Justin, who, during his tenure, had to confront numerous scandals.  And, the popular belief among the party supporters that Liberal did far better than what expected. So, in a nutshell, Liberal retains but loses out on the majority.

Former liberal MP Marlene Jennings felt that voters trust the Liberal government and in Justin Trudeau, and they are more than willing to avoid a conservative government at all costs.

However, Jennings said he was frustrated with so-called scandals that hampered the Liberal campaigns around positivity.

Challenges Ahead

While Justin Trudeau is still forming the government, his power has been reduced substantially. Trudeau had a long honeymoon in Canada’s politics, but his popularity had reduced significantly.

Well before the election campaign of Justin Trudeau, he slipped popularity slipped as the TV network ratings on September 11th.

The biggest trouble faced by Justin during his disastrous trip to India. Then came the SNC-Lavalin scandal, which involved pressuring the former attorney general to get a deal with a firm that is charged with corruption. This scandal significantly tarnished the public image of Trudeau.

The Liberal Lost the West

The top provinces of Canada, Alberta, and Saskatchewan turned blue as the Conservative party there accomplished a stronghold. The New Democratic Party NDP tasted success in Edmonton.

The blue weave in West helped the party to almost gain 30 more seats in Monday’s general election. However, Liberal during the 2015 general elections was unable to shake the strong fort of Conservatives in West.

To Wrap Up

In the victory speech, Justin said: “You’ve Asked Us to Show Even More Vision and Ambition as We Tackle the Greatest Challenge Of this Era-Climate Change.” It has met with thunderous applause. In fact, in a time when right-wing governments are firing from all cylinders, with cultural nationalism and tax cuts, this is a welcome change in the global arena. In future hopefully Canada will continue with ease of immigration policies and open up the market for free trade.