Celebrate the Best Green Valentine’s Day this Year

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How To Celebrate the Best Green Valentine’s Day this Year


The most awaited week for the lovers and admirers have begun. Yes, you are right. With the beginning of the valentines week, the thrill and excitement level of the couples are shooting up. The 14th day of February is celebrated as the Valentines day all around the world. However as people are becoming more sensitive to the environment, it’s important to know some ways on celebrating a green Valentine’s Day this year. This is the best time to reveal your emotional and sentimental attachment to your dear ones. Starting from the Rose day on 7th of February till the final day on 14th, we express our love and emotions to the most important person in our lives. Let’s look back to understand the historical significance of this beautiful day.

The prosperous day is named after the Catholic priest named St. Valentine. It was around the 3rd century when many people were turning into Christians in Rome. Rome was, then, ruled by Claudius II, a pagan. He made strict laws and regulations depicting what the Christians should do. According to him, the Roman soldiers were restricted to devote their entire life for the city. They were even debarred from marrying. It was at this time when St. Valentines gained popularity as he started to marry the soldiers secretly. Finally, he was caught and sent to jail. He had a deep concern for the fellow prisoners and the blind daughter of the jailor.

According to the legend, Valentines cured her blindness and before execution, he wrote love messages to her signing ‘From your Valentine.’ On 14th February 270, he was executed. Around 200 years later, Rome turned into Christianity, and the Emperor decided to throw out the remaining pagan. Pope declined the pagan fertility ritual, and 14th of February was proclaimed as St. Valentine’s day.

A brief insight into the Valentines week


With the passage of time, several add-ons were included and Valentines week was introduced which was celebrated from 7th to 14th February.

Rose Day

As the name suggests, people offer different colours of a rose flower depending upon the feeling they possess for the opposite one. Along with the beautiful message, roses are exchanged with the partners, friends and families as a beautiful gesture of care and love.

Propose Day

This is the day of confession of your feelings towards the other. On the second day of the Valentines week, the proposal is made to the partner along with the beautiful gifts.

Chocolate day

Spread love and happiness to your beloved ones while sharing a bite of chocolate with them. Chocolate is the most favourite ingredient to cherish the mood of both young and old.

Teddy Day

Teddies are the cutest form of gifts which is the great sign of cuddling. On this day, lovers offer teddy bear of different sizes to each other.

Promise Day

As per the old saying, promises are easy to make but hard to keep. On the 5th day of Valentines week, make such promises that you can genuinely fulfil. It would surely strengthen your relationship. Maybe you will break them later, but keep the promise of helping nature with the a green Valentine’s Day, that’s gonna be a real cool thing to do.

Hug Day

Showcase your happiness and love while hugging your loved ones. Hugs really make one’s day brighter and cherishing.

Kiss Day

13th February is celebrated as Kiss Day. Each type of kiss has different meanings and show your passionate feeling towards the other.

Throw a Surprise by Exotic Green Valentines Day Gifts


Finally, the last day of the week is Happy Valentines Day wherein everyone spends their special day with the most special person in their life.

In earlier times, exchanging messages was the common form of celebrating the V week. However, in the present times, this day is getting commercialised to a great extent. Just take a look into the market and you can find the rush to choose the best Valentines day gifts. Don’t shatter the feeling of your eco-conscious beloved and offer them something unique and green. Here are the few eco-friendly  green valentine’s day gifts that you can choose for your loved ones.

Eco-friendly cards

Cards are the traditional form of saying ‘I Love You’ to the partner. Write down your real feelings upon the customised cards made from recycled papers. This is not only the best way to go green recycle but also make your Valentine happier. Add a pinch of modernity while getting the quotes and words printed in a beautifully designed card.

Offer living plants

Rather offering a pesticide and chemical-based flowers, offer a living plant picked freshly from the nursery. The growth and strength of the plant show the prosperity and strength of your relationship as well.

Relaxing natural spa

Nothing would be better to celebrate the big day than relaxing in the spa centres. The long and rejuvenating spa and massage is the best way to cherish the mood of your sweetheart. Offer a massage card as the green Valentine’s Day or go for a couple’s massage to relax together.

Customised 3D printed jewellery

Why to invest in the costly gifts when you can make the day of your beloved special with the customised jewellery designed only for him/her. Personalise the jewellery piece and get it 3D printed in a metallic or plastic piece.

Embroidered flowers

The freshness and beauty of the fresh flowers fade with some time. Keep your love alive while offering embroidered flowers to your beloved. Wooden lapel flowers can be offered to your hubby that are made from upcycled furniture.

Share organic wine

Nothing would be more memorable than spending an evening over a glass of organic wine. Organic wines are not too costly and are handmade. Add a touch of personalisation while getting it packed in the customised bottles.

Green Valentine’s Day will provide you gift options that are limitless but it will also depend upon you how you customise it for your beloved one. Disposable gifts are lined up in the local gift shops that badly impact the environment. This Valentines, don’t spend your precious savings upon the dull and disposable gifts. Rather, plan something unique and prefer green gifts that are safe to use, consume with a touch of personalisation in it. Get it designed exclusively and win the heart of your dear one.