Facebook Joins Hand with CBSE in Improving India’s Digital Literacy

Among all the social media platforms available to date, Facebook is one of the most renowned platforms having immense potential to reach more users than any other known global firm in India. This gigantic social media platform found a new scope of opportunity to spread its digital literacy initiatives in our country, i.e., the second largest internet market in the world with most internet users.

On Sunday, Facebook announced that it has partnered with CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). The main aim of this partnership is to launch a certified curriculum on digital well being and online safety-related aspects besides knowledge related augment reality for both educators and students across the country.

The new curriculum launched by the partnership of Facebook and CBSE is meant to make the students of secondary school ready for the current as well as emerging jobs globally. According to the authority, this step will also help the students develop their skills to browse the internet safely and make well-informed choices about the well being of their mental health.

What did Facebook announce that can improve the Digital Literacy in India?

Facebook announced that it will improve the digital literacy in India in several phases in an itinerary way which follows as

  • First, more than 10,000 teachers will go through training regarding the curriculum and the idea of presentation of the topics included in the subjects.
  • Secondly, trained teachers will coach more than 30,000 students.
  • In the third phase, the three-week training on Augmented Reality will accomplish all the nascent technology fundamentals. In this phase, students will also be made aware of how to make use of the Spark AR studio of Facebook using which real augmented reality experiences can be created.

Efforts of Facebook for enhancing Digital Literacy in Indian Students

 In recent years, Facebook has fastened up its efforts to create awareness among the students about the misuse of this platform, which is taking place in the country. As a part of it, FB also partnered up with Reliance JIO platforms headed up by the Ambanis’.

In this partnership with India’s renowned telecom giant, Facebook will invest about $5.7 billion to launch the largest digital Literacy program named “Digital Udaan.” This program is based on educating the people in the country who are using the internet for the first time.

However, as per the recent statistics, Facebook is the biggest known market for Facebook with the highest number of users by user count.

Apart from this, Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has also developed a Guide for building healthy digital habits that were developed in collaboration with Jed Foundation and Young Leaders. This program aims to help the youngsters better understand the socio-emotional space in which they have to operate and engage in, while using internet services and mainly these platforms.

Manoj Ahuja, the chairperson of CBSE, said, “I am proud to share that CBSE is the only board that has introduced the modules of Digital Safety and online well-being, Instagram tool kits for teens and Augment Reality as well.” He also added, “Incorporating technology and digital safety into the school curriculum will surely ensure students are gaining knowledge and learning in a safe online environment.”

Why is online tutoring beneficial for students? Can it improve the digital literacy for tutors?

 Students often learn more efficiently when comfortable in their own space without sitting in a classroom or a learning centre. Additionally, the distraction from the peer students can also be avoided to a great extent, which increases the reception power of the students to a whole new level.

Furthermore, animations and AR are possibly the best choices for students to grasp the information regarding the topics included in the syllabus with in-depth knowledge. Well developed and managed online tutoring platforms can be the best choice in this case as it makes it easier to connect the students and tutors most reliably.