Follow these 7 Points for Maths Olympiad 2020

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Maths Olympiad is held every year to test the mathematical abilities of extraordinary students across the globe. The toughest questions are asked and those who are able to solve it are awarded gold/silver/bronze, just like any other international sports event. As the Coronavirus has impacted the schedule of this year’s Olympiad, students should make the most of this delay and prepare even better. In this blog, let us discuss some vital points you should remember while preparing for the Maths Olympiad 2020.


  1. Know your Syllabus


Find out the detailed syllabus from the net and prepare accordingly. Get help from your school teachers and coaching institutes to make sure that you have the latest syllabus. As the questions will be made extremely difficult and intense, you must have a clear idea about the chapters that you need to practice with priority and build your strengths over it.


  1. Study material


Gather as much study materials as much you can. Go to experienced tutors at online portals like MyFavTutor and gather as much knowledge as possible. Make sure that your study materials have enough practice sets, explanations, exercises and updated contents so that you can keep preparing well from day one.


  1. Prepare a schedule


Fix a proper routine that you will religiously follow through daily. To prepare for such a difficult challenge, you will have to prepare a routine and abide by it. Cover all the chapters of Mathematics that you have come in the previous years. Build a strong conceptual knowledge around the type of questions that have come in and grow your analytical ability faster.


  1. Clear your Concept


It would be best to clear your concepts in the first few months of preparation only. This will help you to avoid confusion in the future when you are practicing the tough questions. Though maths is a subject where you will always have doubts, especially while solving at this level but make sure the basics are done. Olympiad is all about extraordinary people solving challenging questions in a limited time; clear your doubts and take the plunge into your practice sessions.


  1. Take help from the Internet


The Internet is undoubtedly the best resource for gathering vital information about any competitive exams. Join the student forums, solve questions and discuss the exam strategy in greater detail. You will get a lot of updates and learn new techniques of solving the numericals. Talk to experts online and get excellent tips to ace the exam.


  1. Practice daily


Practice everyday and this will let you solve a new type of problem on a daily basis. The more you challenge yourself, your ability to solve the hardest questions will develop with time. Download sample papers online and keep solving one paper a day. After you are done with paper solving, go for live mock tests that will make you a stronger candidate.


  1. Track your progress


Check how many questions you can solve correctly. As the weeks go by, compare your performance and see how much you have improved. Self-assessment will help you find out your strong and weak zones. Work on these outcomes and your chances of cracking the competition will be more.