How e-commerce websites are mapping India so well

The era of the online world has dominated every part of our life. All the e-commerce websites and food delivery apps have grown their network so quickly, and so well. In a populated country like India, it is very difficult to map the entire nation. But, the e-commerce websites and the food delivery apps have done exceptionally well to cover even the smallest parts of the country. Their delivery executives sometimes don’t even feel the need to call you before to track your location. They deliver your order straight to your home in no time. This is what’s making deliveries faster and more efficient.

Growth and Impact

Now, the question is, how these popular online stores and hubs manage to do it so well. It took over fifty long years to map less than 10% of India’s total landmass. But, due to the improvements in technologies, it became easier to speed things up. This is the reason as to why it became possible to map the entire country in less than a decade in the 2000s.

It is really easy nowadays to cover any part of the country through satellite imaging. But, in a vast country like India, even that is a big challenge. Due to the diversity in culture and languages, the places are names in the local languages, which makes it difficult to mark the locations in a structured manner. But, still, all the online stores have done it so well. Let’s see how they managed to do it all in so less time.

Mapping India: A sneak peak

The most prominent factor in the development of any shopping is funding. If a company has funds, it is possible to achieve any heights. Talking about funds, $592 million were invested this year on food delivery apps out of which $440 million were invested on Zomato and Swiggy only. Such kind of funding is the reason behind the success of these online stores. Such huge funds make it possible for these companies to do the required research to map the country.

There is a team of 450 trained engineers dedicated to this work only in Bangalore. This is the case with Swiggy. But, all the other online web stores have the same kind of dedicated teams as well. It makes it easier for them to the locations that are not that developed. The more the people in the team, the more is the accuracy.

Technology used

When a customer provides the address where the product has to be delivered, the company goes through some research to get the exact location of the person. They use machine learning and data science to breakdown the location and mark it with a geocode. After the product is shipped, the delivery person uses that geocode to find the exact location on the map. Also, GPS helps in marking the exact location on the map when the delivery person reaches the customer’s location for home delivery.

This provides the ML with a chance to match the exact location with the geocode marked on the map. This way, a more accurate location is recorded for the next time Tand it gets saved permanently. The company keeps the information stored with them, and this way, the database keeps on increasing.

Future for e-commerce and food delivery apps

It would be safe to say that the trend of online shopping has influenced the country of India effectively. Also, the companies have improved significantly and grown their business in the country. As compared to the past, their condition is much better, and it is improving day in day out. The major reason behind the shift of the audience towards online media is convenience and the user-friendly experience.

Also, home delivery makes it easier for customers to grab the product of their choice. A person doesn’t have to leave the couch to buy clothes or household items. Also, you don’t have to be in the kitchen for hours to cook a meal. You can simply go online and order food on the go. This is what keeps them grow their business in the country.

Final Words

Online apps generate a significant amount of revenue every year and investors keep on investing more money into the business. The profit attracts more and more investors to collaborate with them. This, in turn, keeps the company growing. If these companies keep on growing at the same pace, there is a bright future for them in India.

Customers are moving towards the online platform every other day. The attractive offers that these companies have in the bag for customers to attract more and more people. All in all, the future for these companies is going to be opportunistic.