3 simple ways on how to make existing website mobile friendly

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The website is the online face of a business that has entered into the e-commerce niche.A business needs to know how to make existing website mobile friendly to the customers of the business, it should portray an interface that appeals to the old, new and future customers. It is with the help of the website that a business attracts new prospects, retains existing customers and converts its prospects into leads.

But how many of us sit before our PC to check a website and learn through its features. Now the world is in our hands with the help of this small handheld device, the Smartphone. We buy, browse, order and surf the android app development features through phones. Thus, it has been made mandatory for online businesses to have a mobile-friendly website that is compatible with multiple devices such as mobiles, tablets and also the PC.

Why mobile-friendly websites have become so vital?

  • Basic need or asset of the business: It has been estimating that the average time a person spends on the mobile phone is about 3.5 hours a day. This is for an average person and the most common reason proposed for these trends is the change in the online behavior of the consumer. This has indeed forced our modern-day business to swift and optimizes all of their marketing campaigns towards mobile consumption. We can say that the most important asset an online business possesses is a mobile-friendly website.
  • Exceptionally functional: When we say mobile-friendly website, we mean a website that not just looks great on the mobile device but also functions well in those devices. The end-user should have access to such mobile content which they are looking for else any disruptions might end up in leaving the website. Page loading speed is the most vital factor of the optimized website.
  • Engaging and appealing websites: the websites with proper graphic designed features are highly preferred as they are eye-catchy. Such websites should have engaging and easily readable content, it should be easy to navigate and its icons should be large enough to be tapped with a finger. One of the important things to remember while finding how to make existing website mobile friendly is that it should look pleasing and should connect the users easily.

The importance of a mobile friendly website cannot be underestimated in the current era of the internet age. Recent search studies have confirmed that any business, irrespective of its size and nature should have a mobile-friendly site to gain a competitive advantage over the rivals. It is also important to maintain the stand of the business in the competitive market place and a mobile-friendly website helps in it. The recent statistics state that,

  • More than 57% of the end consumer will not recommend a business that features a poorly designed mobile website.
  • And about 60% of the online traffic is generated from tablets and Smartphones for all the businesses.
  • A majority of the users purchase from those websites which provide iPhone app development services and answers their queries and concerns appropriately.
  • Though people have many interaction points with online businesses these days, more than 50% of the business to business search queries are made over Smartphone.
  • This trend is expected to grow by up to 70% in the next five years.

What do the customers of a business expect from a website?

First, let us discuss what the customers do not expect from their website. More than 60% of mobile phone users will not hesitate to move on from the site if it does not satisfy their needs. Nor more than 5% of the mobile population stays on a site or an app even if it does not render them what they want. One out of two users demands a mobile-friendly website and will not use the product or the brand even if they like the website. Such aspects need to be taken seriously and every company should know how to make existing website mobile friendly.

Consumers of modern days wish to stay connected and are highly impatient when compared with how the consumers were before five years. What does the consumer expect from a website? They want the site to be

  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Accessible instantly
  • Consists of great content
  • And the website should be accessible from any handheld device

More than half of the new age population wishes their website to load in less than three seconds. The average mobile website takes less than 15.3 seconds to load and it is high time that these websites start acting fast.

Top things that can make the website mobile friendly:

For all those wondering on what are the top three things that can make my website mobile friendly, to cover as many consumers as possible, we have the answer here.

1. Make the website highly responsive:

A mobile-friendly responsive website features the same content and information but it shows distinct ways of how the content has been displayed and arranged according to the size and width of the gadget. 83% of users expect a seamless experience across devices. Hence,  knowing how to make existing website mobile friendly will guide you in focusing on mobile app development feature, as there is no limit on the information that has been displayed. Moreover, such websites are also ideal for SEO.

2. Make all the information easy for the people to find:

People don’t have much time to read the entire content. Hence, it is important to arrange the content or info in a way so that it is easily visible and grasped. Also, mobile-friendly websites should load all the information in a way that is easily accessible and are easy to find at the homepage of the website itself.

3. Include the viewport meta tag:

The best tips for designing a mobile-friendly website is to include the viewport Meta tag. It is one of the easiest ways to control how the website shows up on the mobile. If the webpage opens the same way in the mobile phone as it does on the desktop, then you already know how to make existing website mobile friendly. The viewport Meta tag helps browsers to fit the width of the page to the specific width of the device.

Mobile-friendly sites and search engine optimization:

The ultimate aim of all the websites is to get identified by Google. If you are wondering why is a mobile-friendly website so important to Google? Then you should admit that this is the ultimate purpose of any online business. If your website or business is ranked in Google due to innovative web development services, then half of your marketing is done. Your prospects will find you easily and you can get business rolling in your online portal is no time.

Mobile websites need to be compatible with Google. When Google announced its mobile search index last year, it said that it would offer the mobiles the first preference while delivering its search engine results. Thus, it has been made very clear that websites that have optimized mobile-friendly features will show up prominently than those that have not optimized. This is an important part to asses in how to make existing website mobile friendly.

As Google searches mobile content first, it is not enough to simply have a trimmed down version of the website with little content. Trimming down does not mean vital aspects should be removed. Rather, short, crisp and concise information should be included.

Final words:

Mobile-friendly websites are the order of the day; they rule the world of online business. It is important for all the online business owners that wish to reach the customers instantly should avail of a highly responsive mobile website. For all those wondering on how to make existing website mobile friendly, the answer is simple, take your website to mobile website creating companies. They will handle all the hurdles and will help you out with organic traffic drive and obtain optimum ranking in Google.

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