As the COVID Second Wave Creates Mayhem, How to Stay Mentally Fit in these tough times?

It’s almost over one year when the Covid-19 pandemic strikes the world, and we all were locked up in the house for approx. two months. Apart from tackling and normalizing the situation, health experts constantly guided and motivated people to stay mentally fit and physically strong. Amidst such a horrific and panic situation, keeping a peaceful and calm mind was pretty tough.

Until the end of the year, the situation normalized people started taking steps to their normal lives. With the onset of Spring and the beginning of March, the second wave of Corona returned into our lives with more devastation and chaos. Turn on the news, and you will find the shortage of oxygen cylinders and ventilators. Once again, there is a panic situation that has again disturbed the people mentally. As a social animal, it is entirely depressing for human beings to remain at home.

Think about the daily earners; how stressful is the situation for them. As they cannot fulfil their daily chores, there is a change in their behavioural pattern. Everyone suggests to wear a mask, keep social distancing and regularly wash hands. But does anyone seriously talk about mental health? Remaining mentally fit is extremely important if one wants to be physically fit. Hence, it is time to take proactive steps and let our emotions and feeling enter into the cave of positivity. In other words, let’s peep into the steps for improving our mental well-being.

How can you stay mentally fit amidst Covid 19 pandemic?

Disrupted routines, hindrances in the diet, and sleep cycle are the few reasons that harm one’s mental health. But, how we manage to remain positive matters the most.

  • Engage in physical and playful activities

A gym or a park is not the only alternative to do a workout. There is an interrelation between physical and mental fitness. Hence, if you are physically fit, it automatically keeps your mind calm and quiet. Incorporate a set of exercises for few minutes daily. It does not only enhance your breathing pattern but also releases stress and tension, releasing endorphins that keep one cherished.

We all are going through a highly tough situation. Amidst the social distancing scenario, we need to bridge the mental gap. Well, how’s that possible? Spend your quality time with your family. Engage in playful activities with them. It will not only let you feel the family’s warmth but will eliminate all emotional trauma and distress.

  • Try new activities

When we engage ourselves in new activities, we lay our entire focus on them. Moreover, doing new activities is better than sitting ideal and feeling sad over the pandemic situation. It is the best way to keep oneself busy and improve your knowledge. Moreover, you remain away from the overthinking situation, which is the root cause of all mental issues.

  • Monitor your sleep cycle

Sleepless nights or unfulfilled sleep pattern not only leads to mental fatigue but also takes you into the stress ladder. Hence, improve your sleep pattern and take quality sleep. It is the best option to reduce one’s stress and tension. Aggressiveness, depression, loss of appetite are the few reasons one can encounter due to lack of sleep.

  • Talk and share your ideas and beliefs to close ones

Not only you, but many have become an overthinker during this Covid 19. Well, the output of overthinking is only mental illness and distress. It is time to keep your mind clear while talking to someone close to you. They can be your parents, children, friends or any close relatives. When you share your feelings, both good and bad, you feel relaxed. Moreover, when you remain in touch with them, you bridge the emotional gaps that widened due to hectic work schedules.

  • Avoid negative news every time

Remaining updated with each piece of information is not bad. But, listening to the same negative news every time might lead to a mental roller coaster ride. Without any days, whenever we open a news channel nowadays, we get to know the lack of ventilators, oxygen cylinders, hospital beds for the wholesome treatment of Covid patients. Stay away from such news and as it may create anxiety and consequently overthinking issues.

  • Don’t let rumours enter your life

Despite such a critical situation, rumours act as a fire sprinkle creating a panic scenario. Many news circulations are fake to grab more leads. Always approach trusted news channels and believe in the news that is verified. Try to remain away from the misconceptions and rumours to have peace of mind. Instead, read those content pieces that energize you and motivate you to be positive and start afresh.

  • Eat healthy food

A proper and balanced diet is the essential requirement to keep oneself mentally and physically fit. Despite being busy, take your time and eat with your family. According to the common saying, “the family that plays together, eats together, stays together,” we cannot deny the importance of family in our lives. Well, it even boosts your mental health while keeping you close with them.

We cannot control the pandemic situation, but we can play an active role in keeping ourselves and our families safe and healthy. Well, it is only possible when you wear a mask, maintain social distancing and wash your hands. But cleaning the physical part is not enough if you are mentally ill. Incorporate such activities that boost confidence and positivity in you. Merely sitting in the home and mourning over a situation is not the right option. Explore new things and try new activities to remain engaged.

When you engage in such activities in this lockdown, you directly lower down the stress level. If the situation worsens, consult psychological experts online, and they will surely help you out. It’s time to stay mentally fit and physically healthy to fight the horrific Covid 19 pandemic.