How to Stay Safe from Coronavirus?

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The decade started with the world struggling to find the Coronavirus vaccine. The Covid-19 virus, which is responsible for the outbreak, is a member of the Coronavirus family, broke out in Wuhan in China, and has been responsible for infecting about 60,000 individuals in the Chinese mainland alone. The outbreak, although not being declared as a “pandemic,” had already drawn comparisons with the disastrous outbreak of the SARS virus in China back in 2002.

How did it start?  

The Covid-19 virus, which broke out in the Wuhan region of China, is a member of the Coronavirus family that has never been encountered before. To trace the Coronavirus origin, like all other coronaviruses, the Covid-19 also came from animals.

Although it has not officially been confirmed, speculations have arisen about a possible link between corona and bats. This is mainly because several severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronaviruses have been discovered in bats, which have the potential to infect humans.

The virus can be easily transmitted from one human to another and has spread across 28 countries so far. China remains the most affected, with approximately 60,000 cases with few cases in the United Kingdom, Egypt, among others.

China has witnessed a death toll above 1350, with the 13th of February marked as one of the deadliest days of the outbreak. On the 13th of February, a reported 242 individuals lost their lives in the Hubei region in China, symbolizing the gradual spread of the disease across the country.

Why this Virus is so dangerous?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has not yet considered the recent Coronavirus outbreak as a pandemic. The Covid-19 virus, which is responsible for the illness, has a mortality rate of 2%. In comparison, the outbreak of the SARS virus in China had a mortality rate of 10%. The cases of people infected with the virus have been reported in 28 countries among the 195 present in WHO’s list.

It has been reported that the number of people initially infected by the outbreak of the virus in Wuhan all frequented the Hunan seafood wholesale market, which sold alive and recently slaughtered animals. These animals were the host of the Covid-19 virus. It has also been reported that the individuals who unfortunately lost their lives to the virus possessed weak immune systems.

The Coronavirus cases reported in countries other than China was individuals travelling from China and got infected. The World Health Organisation also estimates that the number of people infected by the virus worldwide can be higher since the individuals who suffered from mild symptoms did not report to the hospitals.

However, the World Health Organisation has stated that a Coronavirus vaccine is still about 18 months away. This is comparatively faster as developing an effective vaccine takes typically up to 2 years.

As such, there exist certain precautions according to experts that you can take to stay safe from the Coronavirus.

What can you do to stay safe from Coronavirus? 

One of the first things you can do to stay safe from the virus is to recognize the symptoms of the disease. Coronavirus can cause pneumonia. Infected individuals are reported to suffer from severe coughs, fever, breathing difficulties, and in the most extreme cases of organ failure. If you experience any of these symptoms, immediately check with a doctor. Although the Coronavirus vaccine will take some time to materialize, you can get for your organs.

The success of the Coronavirus treatment and also the degree of effect the virus will have on you depends on your immune system. Hence a vital precautionary step would be to keep your immune system in perfect health.

Consume a lot of fruits and vegetables, avoid smoking, drink alcohol only in moderation, exercise regularly, have an adequate sleep to maintain a healthy immune system.

Coronavirus in dogs is common. Prevent your dog from coming into oral contact with any faecal matter. Also, avoid crowding and unsanitary conditions as much as possible.

The most common symptom of Coronavirus in dogs is diarrhoea. Consult with a vet immediately if your dog shows the signs since Coronavirus vaccines for dogs are available but need to be administered at the prescription of the vet.

As for hygiene-related precautions, it is most important to wash your hands with soap or a sanitizer that contains alcohol. If you are within the proximity of an infected region or individual, do not forget to use a mask.

Sneeze or cough in tissues. If you get spit or snot on your skin, you must wipe it away immediately. Also, please avoid touching your face with unwashed hands.

Try to avoid close contact with sick individuals, especially those who are suffering from respiratory problems and fever. Also, avoid leaving your home when you are sick.Regularly clean your house, particularly surfaces and objects that are common to come in contact with the hand, like doorknobs with disinfectant.

The Chinese government has assured the world that the necessary steps are being taken to prevent any further outbreak of the virus. It has released the full RNA-sequence of the virus publicly, which has propelled institutions across the globe to develop the Coronavirus vaccine.

Until the vaccine is materialized and made available to the common people, these precautionary measures are enough to ensure you stay safe from the disease.

Stay healthy and stay safe.