Explore Authentic Work from Home Visa Countries without Interrupting your Career

Know the Best Work from Home Visa Countries

Look back to the times past one year, the period before the advent of the disastrous Covid-19 pandemic. Work from home was not so popular, and it described the job profile of freelancers and digital nomads. Since last year, people have been used to the new normal, called work from home. However, there is still a silver lining difference between the digital nomads and office-goers working from home.

The toughest Covid phase has restricted the digital nomads who roam around the world to explore their work. Millions of digital nomads constantly admire visiting exotic places work online in the laps of nature. Well, working abroad on a tourist visa is illegal. Presently, due to pandemics, several travel restrictions are imposed on these digital nomads. Not every country has formulated specific norms on visas for this new class of nomads. However, work from home visa countries is getting utmost importance in many places.

Before we move ahead to the popular places that provide visas for these digital nomads, let us know if there is any difference between freelancers and digital nomads. Typically, work from home jobs has two types, viz, working as a freelancer and a digital nomad. On one hand, digital nomads travel to different countries, use Wi-Fi to work at hotels, restaurants, libraries, coffee shops, or natural spots from anywhere.

On the other hand, freelancers are individuals working for companies or independently. They can either work from home or travel to different places. However, digital nomads choose some specific location apart from work from home to accomplish their tasks.

Some aspects which every digital nomad consider while selecting the location are accommodation, climate, and the most importantly, internet connectivity. Moreover, every individual has different preferences; let’s look at the popular countries or cities that provide visas for digital nomads.

Countries providing remote work visas

  • Barbados

With the authentic Welcome Stamp, Barbados provides an aesthetic environment for remote workers. This Welcome Stamp is valid for a period of 12-month and works amidst the glossy and rejuvenating beaches. Escape the traumatic pandemic and work in the beautiful islands of Barbados.

The chief eligibility to apply for this Welcome Stamp is the location-independent business and earning worth 50000 dollars a year. Presently, the digital nomad should have a Covid-19 test report, done 48 hours before the departure. You can apply for it online while paying a visa fee of 2000 dollars. You can renew the visa while reapplying when it expires after 12 months.

  • Costa Rica

Do you love to work with a relaxed lifestyle and among interesting folks? Costa Rica is the one-stop destination for you with diverse landscape options, including jungle, volcanoes and waterfalls, stunning beaches, and great surfing options. Costa Rica offers a special freelancer visa, named Rentista. With Rentista, you can stay here for a period of 2-years and can extend it as per the need. This kind of visa allows remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to work here.

However, you shall not be an employee of any organization and should earn at least 2,500 dollars a month. You can check out the Migracion Website of Costa Rica to get complete details on how to apply here.

  • Czech Republic

The freelance visa of the Czech Republic is Zivno that allows the remote workers to work while exploring the historical monuments and towns of Czech. It has a rich history, wherein every place speaks louder about its culture and tradition. Beautiful architecture, superfast internet attract the freelancers more. As compared to visas of different countries, Zivno is pretty complicated.

You must have a trade license, an accommodation proof of at least one year, must have 5587 Euros in the bank, and pay 80 dollars per month for local taxes. This visa is applicable for one year, charging a fee of 100 Euros.

  • Dubai (UAE)

In recent October, Dubai City has launched a virtual working visa, especially for the digital nomads who love to travel with their families. Hence, at a lower price, you can bring several family members. The alluring city of Dubai is commendable, and it does not require any specific and beautiful definition. Luxurious hotels, pretty beaches, mesmerizing resorts are all set to provide you with the perfect work ambiance.

This visa allows you to work in Dubai while remaining employed in your home town. It does not incur income tax on individuals. It is a one-year program, wherein you should have employment proof from the current organization, a one-year contract, or ownership proof. You should have a minimum earning of 5000 USD. The fee for the virtual working visa is 287 USD.

  • Georgia

Georgia is the land of beautiful landscapes and breathtaking scenes. The tourism industry in Georgia faced a severe crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Recently, it introduced a visa for the digital nomad called Remotely from Georgia to boost its economy.

Georgia is the perfect escape option if you want a low-cost living along with the epic beauties.

You must have PCR tests, a mandatory 14-days quarantine after entering the city. Moreover, you must earn 2000 USD a month to apply for a Remotely from Georgia visa.

  • Germany

Acquiring a visa for Germany is the easiest for remote workers. Moreover, one need not worry about the Wi-Fi breakdown. Europe has the best internet network in Germany, which draws the attention of various digital nomads. However, it has a special freelancer visa for a period of 6 months to 3 years, depending on your choice. However, it can take up to 3-4 months for its approval. Well, you need an address in Germany, work with Germany-based clients, health insurance certificate. Its visa fee is 100 Euros.

Well, there are many options of work from home visa countries, which you can choose from. Get out of the pandemic boundaries and work while exploring the authentic places. Boost your remote job and the tourism industry while acquiring a particular visa.