Kolkata International Film Festival 2019: All you need to know

The most awaited film festival, Kolkata International Film Festival 2019 has begun from 8th November. KIFF is the most renowned platform for the film festival that celebrates the authenticity and grandeur of past and present films nationally and internationally. Founded in the year 1995, this annual program is the second oldest international FF in India. Each year, this function is organized by the film centre of West Bengal under the strict supervision of the Bengal Government.

It was in the year 1995 when Nandan organized the first-ever self-reliant film festival. Within a few years, it got special recognition from the international authority of film festivals, FIAPF or International Federation of Film Producers’ Association, Paris. Since its inauguration, different sections and genres of films are shown here and receive great appreciation in the film culture.

Most common film sections as shown in the KIFF

  • National competition: Contemporary Indian Language films
  • International Competition: innovations in moving images
  • New Horizons including dynamic and promising filmmakers of the recent times
  • Special screening: comprising of exceptional, experimental and documentary features, an art-house cinema
  • Retrospective
  • Tribute
  • Children screening
  • 50 years celebration
  • Bengali Panorama
  • Asian Select
  • Indian Select
  • Short films both fictional and non-fictional
  • Focus (country/region)

What makes the International film festival in Kolkata so popular?

The 25th version of 2019 Kolkata International film festival began on 8th Nov and would end on 15th Nov with award felicitation ceremony. One of the most promising reasons for organizing this grand event is to ensure the grand celebration of the best films in India and abroad. What enhances the grandeur of the occasion is that top directors, producers, and actors of the films are also present at the festival. This is what makes it the international festival.

For a few years, reputed film associations have made November 10th to 17th to be celebrated as Kolkata international film festival 2019. This is why no other film festivals are organized during this week. KIFF competition has an appealing aspect that it honors such films produced by women directors which makes it highly popular around the world. Experiencing huge footfall every day, the Nandan complex remains crowded with the people all around the week during such weeks. It is internationally accepted that this festival is rich in cultural aspects with a unique and varied opening ceremony held every year.

List of Kolkata film festival 2019 movie list

This year, celebrate the grandeur of the International Film Festival in Kolkata with your kids. Here is the list of movies which you should not miss at all.

  • One Man Dies A Million Times

The beautiful story directed by Jessica Oreck is about seeds and genetic diversity, love and war, growth and decay and hunger of all kinds. The main theme of the story is the reason for being a human if all our humanity is stripped away. USA based film is of 92 minutes which would run at Rabindra Sadan on 12th Nov, 11:15 am.

  • Chandrabati Kotha

This 105-minute long film directed by N Rashed Chowdhury is going to be the world premiere at 25th KIFF on 9th November at Rabindra Sadan. This sheds light upon the golden era of Bengali literature and typically about the famous Bengali feminist poet Chandrabati.

  • Midnight Cowboy

USA based Midnight Cowboy, directed by John Schlesinger in 1969 is the restored classics which would run at Bijoli Cinema on 12th Nov, 02:30 pm. The story portrays the unexpected friendship between two hustlers named Joe Buck and Ratso.

  • The Day I Became a Woman

Directed by Moupia Mukherjee, this short film would be telecasted on 12th November at Nandan-III, 07:30 pm. The film tells the struggling life of a woman for her identity in Iran.

  • Perdix

This section is based on the Cinema International section directed by Erwan Le Duc. This 93 minutes film would run at PVR Cinema (Avani Mall), Inox City center 1 and New Empire on 9th Nov, 12th Nov, and 15th Nov respectively. This film is about Captain Pierre Perdix whose life as turned upside down and his family has redefined the meaning of living life to the fullest.

  • Die Abenteuer Des Prinzen Achmed

Germany based animation film was directed by Lotte Reiniger and Carl Koch. The Adventures of Prince Achmed would be shown at Nandan-II on 09th Nov, 11:15 am.

  • Homo Faber

This inspiring novel was filmed as Voyager by Volker Schlondroff which would be telecasted on 15th Nov, 05:15 pm at Rabindra Sadan.

  • L’ultimo Imperatore

Also known as the last emperor, it is an epic biographical drama that was directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. The film is about the last emperor of China named Piyu. It would stream at Sisir Mancha on 13th Nov, 06:45 pm.

  • Adults in the Room

Directed by Costa Gavras, the film is based on the political memoirs of Yanis Varoufakis. It shows how the new government fought against the European’s iron-fisted rule. The film is scheduled for 10th, 11th, and 15th Nov at Minar, PVR Cinema (Avani Mall) and Nandan-I respectively.

  • Pina

Streaming as the special screening show at KIFF, this film is the spectacular tribute given to the choreographer Pina. Directed by Wim Wenders, this 103 min film from Germany would run on 10th Nov at Priya Cinema, 09:00 am.

  • Omar Ve Biz

The plot is about Ismet who is a Turkish soldier and has retired from the post of Commander of the Coast and is living the struggling life of a civilian. This film is directed by Maryna Er  Gorbach and would be shown on 13th and 14th Nov at Nazrul Tirtha and Nandan-I  respectively.

  • Mystic Memoir

The social film directed by Aparajita Ghosh is to convey the audience about the personal experience which we face but can’t speak about, that is parental and peer pressure. The show would be telecasted on 9th Nov, 03:00 pm which is worth watching.

  • Paani Paata Poratam

Also known as the Songs of our Soil, this film is directed by Aditi Maddali which would be shown on 11th Nov at Nandan-III, 05:15 pm. It is a short documentary Indian film with a total duration of 51 minutes.

  • Antony Firingee

Directed by Sunil Banerjee, this film is about the renowned Bengali folk poet who has greatly contributed to the arts. This show would be telecasted at the grand platform of KIFF on 13th Nov at Rabindra Ocakura Bhawan, 02:30 pm.

  • Bibaha Bibhrat

This comedy film would be shown on 10th Nov, at Rabindra Ocakura Bhawan, 06:00 pm. Directed by Ashim Bannerjee, this film is about two childhood friends who decide to get married and realizes its consequences in later times.

There are various other films as well which are worth watching. Several inspiring, short and documentary films, 3d films would be shown here. Get your tickets booked at the official website of KIFF. Celebrate the grandeur of Indian and international Cinema with amazing cinematography and direction. These films would surely inspire you in one or the other way. Get the updated KIFF 2019 film schedule and choose the one as per your preference. Time is passing and make sure you don’t miss a chance to witness the grandeur of KIFF.