Manyavar and the Resurgence of Ethnic Wear

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Manyavar brought back the glamour associated with ethnic wear for men in India. India is known for its colorful and mesmerizing outfits from ages with every piece of art reflecting the royal Indian culture. Although ethnic wears for men have always remained in Indian culture and always signified the rich tradition, the influence of western culture influenced the style for a decade in the ’90s. However, in the early 2000s, the same ethnic wear returned to India being a huge hit with some trendy touches and exceptionally intricate designs.

What was the impact of men’s ethnic wear in the early 2000s?

After the bounce-back of India’s very own traditional attire in the 20s, it flew all over the world as one of the most preferred wedding attire even in western countries. In the last decade, the ethnic wear market grew to almost 78% mainly in the wedding seasons.

Furthermore, all the ethnic wears which were once worn by the kings and royal families and in the special events returned back making its own place in the market. In the current market scenario, one can find a huge variety of ethnic wear for men online with ever-increasing designs, models and most compelling intricate works on them.

Let us now focus on the fashion brand Manyavar, and its ethnic outfits that have caught the attention of the youth.

Manyavar: Tradition and Glamour

Manyavar is now the most preferred attire chosen for weddings and special events not only in India but globally too. Originated from ancient India, kings used to wear these as a sign of their royalty. The same design with some trendy touch of fashion and some designer glance, this is the most popular ethnic wear for men for marriage in almost every region of the country and internationally as well.

The classic design of this outfit is known to enhance the charm and create a royal aura of the bridegroom. This transformed men’s ethnic wear is available with tons of designs nowadays and keeps on changing as per the latest trend inspired by Bollywood celebrities. If you are looking for perfect ethnic wear which not only reflects your status and personality but also depicts the classic lifestyle of your family on special occasions, then Manyavar is by far the best option in the market right now.

Types of Ethnic Dresses in Manyavar

The significance of each ethnic wear for men- Manyavar is different and is owned by different regions in a different way, which is why one should choose the right model to suit their regional preferences as well. The reason for this is, you should be able to sync your preferred dress as per the vibe of the events unfolding. Some of the best-sold models which have the maximum probability to complement one’s personality include:

Manyavar Kurta

It is the best way to add a touch of sophistication to your ethnic look on special occasions. After the return of kurtas with the latest trends in the market, there are wide varieties of models to suit different personalities. Starting from the variations based on the materials used such as cotton, bent ones, etc to the models such as banded, straight, banded collar and regular fit textured ones as well.

Those Kurta Pyjamas can suit every atmosphere in an incredible way adding a decent elegance to your persona in the most charming way. However, the designer Kurtas and pajamas with golden, silver and colorful designs on them are the signatures of India’s wedding attire which enhances the look of the wedding atmosphere in the most impressive way.

Manyavar Sherwani

One of the trendiest collections of Indian ethnic wear is Sherwanis which reflects royalty from every sense. The same bright-colored Sherwanis with golden stripes embroidery works on it were worn by Indian Kings and even Mughal Emperor which used to create a royal and prestigious aura of the personality.

With the latest touch of fashion and convenience, these Manyavar Sherwani is taken up to the next level with its design, model and looks. One can literally find a good number of options in different sizes, different colors, different models and also trendy designer collections in this category online. Priced between 9,999 and 49,999 these gorgeous outfits will make heads turn towards you. Although it is quite expensive, the value for your money will surely be reflected from your outfit on special occasions and turns every head towards you.

Apart from the above mentioned Manyavar outfits floral Sherwani, white textured Sherwani, Exquisite Fawn Sherwani, and Elegant Beige Sherwani, etc have become immensely popular in the last few years owing to celebrity endorsements. These can be your perfect choice of outfit in the wedding or special occasions from all aspects that not only creates an impression on every visitor but also spreads a very own nation’s vibe to a great extent.