Mobile Tech Transforming the Healthcare Ecosystem

Health care apps and human life are inter-related. This post gives a brief review of the influence of the Health care mobile apps in day-to-day life.

Health Care Apps 2019- With a gradual increase to high-speed technology, the Health care systems in India are proving boon for the patients and clients all over the world through top healthcare apps. The health professionals review that health care mobile apps are blooming out utmost advances in the field of science and technology. Medical professionals are squeezing their precious time out just in order to help the needy ones in a click away to connect them both- virtually as well as emotionally. With the innovation and collaboration of budding minds together, India is now ahead to provide newer, faster and possible accurate services in health care mobile apps in an order to attain the most accurate results for better outcomes.

Are they really worthwhile?

The gap that connects the two- the Health care system (Doctors, Care-givers) and the clients/ patients all around the world is only because of the Versatile Communication. Yes…!!! It is only through the new advancements in the technology services that aids connection within the needy people to the professionals. This would never have been possible without the development of Smartphones.

Smartphones are the basic tools for communication networks among health care service providers and clients/ patients. With the development of Computer science and electronics at a fast pace, technology started helping people with the introduction of smart, fancy and innovative applications that helps people to help themselves in an order to be benefited from the services. With upcoming hardware advancements and innovative applications, smartphones enable better co-ordination, understanding with diagnostic accuracy, boosts motivation and levels up confidence with a spark. Technology contributes to the upliftment of the health and wellness care sector with utmost transparency, which is of most considerable key concern. The traditional meetings have now taken place of “Telemedicine” without considering any geographical boundaries.

All about a matter of Click!!

The list of health care mobile apps 2019 is increasing consistently to ease the lives of the individuals simply by adding a reminder to protect their health- mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and virtually. Health care organizations are continuously on their way ahead to find out something new always so that there is enough usage of the health apps. It is estimated that two-thirds of the apps are purely based on Health and wellness, Nutrition and Fitness. You name a problem and an App is a solution for you. From specific problems to overall health, the type and purpose of the health apps also differ. From being obese to super fit, from deficiency to optimum health, calorie countdown till overall diet plan, your own guide- your app stays along with you all your path whenever and wherever you want.

Top 5 HealthCare apps 2019

  1. Hello Heart– It is one of the best healthcare apps which efficiently measures and records blood pressure. This app also provides basic information to the users that what actually blood pressure is, tips to control it and updates the health conditions of the clients/patients having both – high and low BP.
  2. 8fit Workouts & Meal Planner– This app provides personalized exercise workouts with step-by-step guidance combined with a customized simple healthy meal planner suitable for you. Many of the individuals are getting perfect results and are now living a sustainable, happy, healthy lifestyle.
  3. Headspace-Meditation not only helps people stress less, focus more and sleep better. Headspace is an app that teaches an individual how to meditate. With Headspace app meditation is made simple, teaching life-changing mindfulness skills in just a few minutes a day.
  4. SleepCycle- This app analyzes your own sleep quality and wakes you up when you are in the lightest sleep phase – the natural way to wake up feeling rested making it the most unique feature of the app. It also tracks your sleeping heart rate.
  5. MyFitnessPal – This app is a free online calorie counter and diet plan. It makes a note on what you’ve eaten and done most often in the past and makes it easy to track your record. It also suggests exercise accordingly and also motivates per the user’s goals.

On line help from the experts from top healthcare, apps have really contributed to a number of benefits including:

– Without even entering into a hospital (the most feared environment), one gets treatment easily.

-The transverse of the individual is completely on hold which ultimately saves many other resources such as Time, Energy, Money, Long hour Appointments and waiting periods whilst providing topmost services at the comfort of home/ Office/Travel.

-These super, multitasking apps have helped users become more aware of the local doctors and the medical infrastructure in their local area which they weren’t aware of.

-Also due to the rating system, the rating received from other users helps to connect the users to the professionals accordingly.

– It provides remote access to doctors.The users can reach out the professionals 24*7 also by leaving their queries any particular time of the day.

– Users can opt for alternative methods for communication such as messages, online chatting, 4G video calls and voice recordings to explain their problems to health care professionals/care-givers.

– Users can easily connect with health care professionals simply by booking appointments on their leisure time and stay connected to them until their course is completed.

-The most appealing part of these apps is the DISCOUNT OFFERS/ COUPONS/ FREE TRIALS from the health professionals which seems to be quite rare in the case of local social settings. This attracts the clients and ultimately they switch over to these health apps market.


The upcoming facilities of health care mobile and rapid building up of fame in social media with modern technology are continuously being used to serve the health of the nation all across the world!!