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Morocco is a portal to Africa and a vibrant diversity region. Epic mountain ranges, ancient cities, vast deserts – and pleasant hospitality can be found here.

Morocco could have been tailor-made for travelers, from the Saharan dunes to the High Atlas peaks. Lyrical scenes carpet this North African slice like the richly coloured and patterned rugs that you’re going to wish for in neighborhood cooperatives. The mountains–not only the famous High Atlas but also the Rif and sunny ranges leading to the oasis of the Saharan–offer simple, breathtaking pleasures: night skies glowing in the thin air, and views from the Tizi-n-Test pass over a fluffy cloud bank. On the lower ground, the forest hills contain rugged coastlines, waterfalls and caves, and the mighty desert. Also, do not forget to carry dirham Morocco currency for shopping unlimited.


Morocco is a storied nation that has woven its relations with sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, and the broader Middle East into whole clothes over the years.

The blended Arab and Berber community creates a strong national identity, but an increasingly youthful one, taking the best of its heritage and spinning the trend once again–from the fields to the region, from the mosque’s call to prayer to the sound of local hip hop. There are hundreds of faces and sounds in Morocco, all ready to welcome the traveler looking for spice and adventure.

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Notwithstanding its old age and architecture, Meknes is making his way to Morocco’s list of top five places to visit. Located in the north of Morocco, it is a medina of the 9th century and also one of the prior capitals of the world.

While you may feel it’s not as fine as the other cities to visit in Morocco travel on your visit here, the royal palace and other major historic sites are an ideal stop to learn about the culture of Morocco. Do not forget to visit its charming attractions, which make it so famous among tourists who are looking for exotic Arab experiences.


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Situated on the North Atlantic coast of Morocco, Seaside Asilah is renowned as a hot summer spot among visitors and people. Besides the sandy beaches, the city walls covered in colorful murals often render this town as one of the best places to be visited in Morocco!

If you’re here in August, don’t forget to visit the lively annual Arts Festival in the city that makes it the favorite place in Morocco for every young person during this period!


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Being the highest mountain chain in North Africa, High Atlas is popularly known as a plateau. This place is a trekker’s paradise, especially from spring to autumn. It runs about 1000 km diagonally across Morocco, and its saw-toothed Jurassic peaks act as a barrier to the weather.

Of all the best places which can be visited in Morocco, this one is so breathtaking it’ll take away your air! Get out your hiking shoes and go on a trip you can know forever!


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Essaouira is one of the top attractions on tour in Morocco. And not just because it is a great city to get away from the heat and monotony of the lifestyle of the big city, but also because it is the spot where Game of Thrones was filmed in season three! That made it more famous is that this seaside town was a notorious beach hangout for artists like Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley back in the ’60s.


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Built-in, the middle of the Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen –also known as the Blue City, is a small town in a large countryside. Among all the cities to visit in Morocco, this one is popular for traveling solo and exploring the famous blue and white painted houses in the town.

The people are also super freely, so you’ll surely find some sweet hospitality here that makes this one of Morocco’s top places to visit.

So pack your bags and dive deep into a civilisation that has changed the world orders. Casablanca is calling you…can you hear it?

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