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At Newsupdatetoday, we ensure that our visitors have their privacy protected with the utmost care and absolute prudence. We maintain a visitor’s file log while maintaining the industry level standard that is required from us and these logs do not contain any information that can be personally identifiable to any user. These file logs contain information pertaining to your browser type, IP address, number of clicks, referring and exit pages, ISP details, date and time stamp. We collect this information as it helps us better understand the demography, analyzing trends, and in turn, we are able to serve you better.

Newsupdatetoday uses cookies to collect and store user information as it helps us to provide optimized user experience by customizing the web page as per the visitor’s choices and needs. In case you do not want us to use cookies, all you have to do is just go to the browser setting and disable the cookies. It is not in our policy to collect information from children especially those of 13 years and below, in case your child has entered his or her information at our website somehow, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to remove such information from our register.

Please note that our privacy policies are not applicable to any third-party advertisers on our website. We implore you to read through each of the privacy policies of the individual websites. Also, understand that the privacy policy of Newsupdatetoday applies only to those who visit our website and pertaining to the information they collect or share at Newsupdatetoday. Our policies are not applicable to those who collect offline information or through other channels and websites.

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