Samsung launches world’s first 8k QLED TV

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Samsung, the South Korea based world-renowned company in the field of mobiles, gadgets and electronic appliances has now again taken its innovation to a whole new level. The world’s first 8K QLED TV was launched in India thus beginning a new era in the world of Television.

This invention is by far the most advanced version of television delivering stunning visuals of high-end resolution that was never seen to date. It is by any means the best complement for luxury homes to reflect the status and lifestyle with the stunning 8k experience.

Features Infused in 8K QLED TV

  • Display: – Samsung QLED 8K TV comes with the real 8K resolution accompanied by the AI upscaling which will make the viewers feel as if they are immersing themselves into the display. Besides the sharper resolution with 33 million pixels on the screen gives a feel of realness with the magnificent true-to-life picture quality.
  • Processor: – Powered by the Quantum processor 8k and Quantum HDR, the Samsung 8K TV can deliver the best viewing experience by using AI machine learning that transforms all pictures into real 8K resolution. Additionally, the most compelling sound optimization feature is enabled by this ultimate range of processor by using AI to set the audio based on the room’s layout.
  • Design: – Built with the most advanced ambient mode capability, it can merge with any interior designs perfectly creating the most privileged impression in the first glance itself. The TV can be reliably hung on the wall with a wall-mount that is embedded on the back of the TV that makes it blend perfectly on the wall.
  • Connectivity: – Unlike the conventional form of wired connections dangling from TV, it uses a media receiver that is termed as “One connect box” with which various external devices can be connected to the TV.

One invisible connection is featured with this TV which is barely visible against the blank wall being a single translucent cable that powers the full-sized 8K resolution of the TV. The “One remote” which comes with the TV is also infused with advanced a feature that lets the viewers control all connected devices easily without any external connectors or setups.

Advanced functions of 8K QLED TV

A ton of new functions are packed inside this elegant looking piece of tech which includes the ability to recognize a number of connected external devices. After recognizing these devices, it optimizes the viewing experiences by switching automatically to the image source of the TV through One remote. Moreover, features like Smart Things can take convenience levels to a whole new level besides the enhanced living experience.

Line up, prices, and availability: – The Company is launching sixteen different models varying in a wide range of sizes to suit the lifestyle of every home. It is also been announced about the Samsung 8K QLED TV price in India which are as follows

Models Price range

(in INR)

Samsung 8k TV 55 inch


Samsung 8k TV 98 inch


Samsung 8k TV 75 inch


Samsung 8k TV 82 inch


Samsung 8k TV 65 inch $3532.98

Dont waste your time. just go to your nearest shopping destination and bring the beast in your home.