The Girl On The Train Movie Review

The Girl On The Train Movie Review


Cast: Parineeti Chopra, Aditi Rao Hydari, Kirti Kulhari, Avinash Tiwary, Tota Roy Chowdhury, Shamaun Ahmed, Diljohn Singh


Director: Ribhu Dasgupta


Music: Score: Gilad Benamram, Chandan Saxena Songs:Sunny and Inder Bawra, Vipin Patwa


Genre: Psychological Thriller


The Girl On The Train Movie: Script Analysis

The girl on the train movie is based on Paula Hawkins’s book with the same name. She is well known for writing Gone Girl, a movie you might have seen. While the Hollywood version wasn’t as raved about, watching this one without seeing that is the best way to go. Dasgupta’s screenplay works magic by providing the key to the mysterious elements that the narrative provides. The movie is filled with non-linear components the story breaks of at different points to explore previous elements. The first half is a smooth ride, thanks to the buttery editing and screenplay.

Paula Hawkins’s story is filled with disguised plot twists, that is the twists where you might feel you know this was coming, but then something completely different happens. To back the darkness of this mysterious plot, the cinematography adds just the perfect amount of doom and gloom to the overall feel. This is one of the plus points, the environment is as dark as the story.

While the story deals with some gloomy topics like mental sickness, a failed marriage, and alcoholism, it never gets dull, much to the credit of the filmmakers and Hawkins. The girl on the train full movie had strong performances, and I appreciated that. The costume designers help the script too by the perfectly contrasting costumes for the opposite characters of Aditi Rao Hydari and Parineeti Chopra.

About the Plot:

Now to dive into the plot keeping it spoiler-free, the girl on a train is a story of a troubled alcoholic who gets mixed up in the death of a girl she doesn’t know. Based in London, our protagonist is a lawyer who takes up the case of an African man killed in a shootout. The story then follows her receiving threats from the accused and getting him proven guilty nonetheless. As time passes, she is living happily until their bubble finally bursts. She has a miscarriage after an accident and is told she can’t conceive anymore. This sends her down her downward spiral where she resorts to Alcohol. But her drinking goes over the line at times and leads to violent episodes and blackouts, after which she remembers nothing.

Her behavior eventually leads to her divorce and she ends up losing everything she held dear. This pushes her to endlessly travel on a train in London, to the suburbs and back. On the journey every day, she sees her ex-husband’s house, but also his neighbour Nusrat.

Mira sees her daily and her perfect love life, having the time of her life, something Mira wanted herself. She sees her every day until one day she sees her having an affair, which she connects to her husband, who had one himself. Mira decides on teaching her a lesson and goes to her house, eventually finding her and charging at her in one of her violent episodes, before blacking out. The next day Nusrat goes missing, and Mira’s visit to her home makes her the prime suspect. From here the story unfolds, and the plot thickens as Nusrat’s body is found a few days later in the forest. But Mira herself had a wound on her forehead, making it more than what it seems like.

Performance and Music Analysis

Talking about performances they’re on the things that drive the script. Parineeti Chopra has that image of a happy-go-lucky girl in all our minds, and that’s what makes her Mira special. The messy-Kohl eyes, dark shades the time look help her drive the dark character to deliver the impeccable performance.

Good scripts alone don’t make good movies, they need just the right direction to hit the mark. That’s exactly what the captain of this ship, Ribhudas Gupta has done. His efforts to make the story easy to understand help the viewer. Despite the various plot twists, one can get it all in one viewing if they watch well. The puzzling feeling is a nice factor in movies, but people only enjoy the puzzles they can eventually solve, and that’s exactly what it does.

To go with the dark plot, the songs were perfect. Slow and melodious, they don’t get in the way of the script. Thrillers usually don’t work well with songs, but here you won’t mind them at all.

Should you watch it?

To sum it all up, Yes! If you love thrillers, this will keep you on the edge of your seat as a lot is going on all the time in the movie. While there are some plot holes and things left unexplored, the movie is one of those remakes that are not a blunder. All three women help the movie deliver, and the script keeps your mind working and eyes from blinking. Worth a watch, to the end. To know more about such movies, read our coverage of the best movies to watch before you die.