The Indian Gaming Industry Is waiting to have a blast!!

A couple of years back, we had seen our parents worry when they saw us mumbling something constantly under our breadth while playing in our phones- that was before they understood the concept of the online games. But today, youngsters are conversing through the chat-box of the games even when they are in the same room.

Growth of Mobile Gaming in India

India has 275 gaming industries while only 25 of them existed during the starting of the decade. There are also so many low-cost game developers and game testers working for big companies. A report from NASSCOM portrays that by the year 2020, the gaming market in India will cost over 1 billion dollars, which was only 290 million dollars in 2016.The share of mobile users has increased incredibly from 29.2% to 39% from 2014 over a span of 5 years. As a study of IBEF entertainment has shown, the pc game industry has increased 16.8% whereas the mobile gaming industry has increased by 19.7% from the year 2014.

According to App Annie, the time spent in mobile gaming apps has increased by 2.1% between 2014 and 2016. Moreover they have become a necessity to befriend people at school for many. Even gaming apps like Candy Crush have utilized people’s passion for social media and these kinds of in-app games have also a stable market today.

Demographic Changes Fuelling the Industry

As of now, nearly 65% of the Indian population is below the age of 35 i.e., the perfect target of the gaming industry. Smartphone’s and growth of internet usage are encouraging a huge number of audiences to play new-age video games. At the same time the advanced graphics and online simulation have made the games far more attractive.

Cheaper internet options have made mobile users download games without any additional expenses. 1GB data costs were as low as Rs 4 in India. Furthermore, playing games also relieves people of their work pressure and keep them updated about the latest trends.  Besides the craze of the games like Pokémon Go, Clash of Clans and the PUBG have brought a revolution in terms of the number of hours the players are involved in it.

There are several games that have caught the attention of the millennials. Downloads are spiraling exponentially with every passing day. Let us have a look at the top 3 mobile games download which is making people go crazy.

Clash of clans

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This is a tactical game where you can raise a clan, set up a village and go for epic wars to destroy your opponents.  Sounds exciting? Hold your breath! The new features allow you to upgrade to Town Hall 12 and use siege machines to decimate challenges arising in front of you. You can attack other nations to broaden your territory as well as you have to defend the boundaries of your own nation. Just go ahead and download this game immediately if you haven’t yet and trust me you would enjoy every minute of it.

Downloads in play store- 500M+


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Addiction! There’s just one word that describes this game. This is the most intense game developed in recent times which is creating mayhem in the gaming circle. There are 100 player classic action modes available for experts. If you are new, start off with 4V4 mode and then upgrade your skills. Here too you have to make a team with your friends and attack a place and finish all your enemies. The live conversation feature has made this game really attractive for all kinds of players.

Downloads in play store- 100M+

Candy Crush

candy crush 1869655 1280

This is a user-friendly and very common game. A table of different sweets is shown on the screen. You have to swipe two of them to have at least three consecutive sweets of the same type.

Downloads in play store- 500M+

In the late ’90s, the keypad phones had some basic games which did not attract the people that much. Hand-held consoles and computer games too were limited to a certain category of people.

The development of Artificial Intelligence and the concept of cloud gaming have the potential to grasp an even greater market by personalizing the gaming experience. But these kinds of games usually require huge budgets and cannot be sold for free. But as most of the target audience of the Indian gaming industry are students and do not get enough pocket money to buy games, there is a huge risk of failing in this kind of market.

Final words

The gaming industry is expected to continue growing as internet subscribers continue to increase in India. The variety of games provided in the app stores is just too much to ignore. It also boosts learning and social skills. With a labor force of close to 500 million and 1 billion mobile phones, this is one explosion we should be encouraging.