Top 5 Tech Jobs For The Next Decade

These are the Top 5 Tech Jobs For The Next Decade

Work has been an important and central aspect of human life. The nature and significance of the work are changing constantly and primarily depends upon those things that suit our current way of living. Tech jobs and its applications in framing the new age society is advancing at a very high pace. It is said that technology advancements have greatly reduced work for the people. Though it can be true in some aspects, it does not necessarily mean it has completely snatched the earning capacity of humans. In the tech world, the hottest topics of the present and coming decades are AI, ML, IoT and many more.

As per the report released by Cognizant, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (MI) have created more job opportunities than it has taken away. The high rated development in these sectors has changed the kind of work we performed in the past days and would perform in the coming years. The major themes underlying in the trending tech jobs include security and safety and ethical behaviours. But where these themes arise? It is the human’s deep aspiration enhancing the daily life and future of the enterprise.

Popular tech-based jobs for the coming decades

In this technology-fuelled world, we want to reap maximum advantages from the machine and remain safe. Top and upcoming tech jobs are mainly confined in the fields of AI, ML and many more. Take a look at the most specialized roles  in the world of technology:

Data trash engineers- Transforms trash data into a treasure

Some data may have not been used for years or are not used in the regulatory processes or don’t have recognized use as it was thought initially. However, they still play an important role and cannot be discarded. If proper cleaning of junk data is done, it can be transformed into meaningful insight. This is the point when the most specialized tech job , namely Data trash engineers comes up. Most of the organizations are looking for qualified engineers. They work on unused data, clean the junk ones and transform them into meaningful data.

ML Engineer- Advanced level programmer to train MI systems

Apart from AI, Ml is the next popular tech domain that creates several jobs for the masses. As Machine learning is an essential aspect of the industry, professionals are required to operate them. Although the post of the machine learning engineer exists today, it would not vanish shortly. Moreover, it would keep on rising in the upcoming decades. Very soon, ML and AI would enter almost every domain including household products, careers, and domains in a few years. These engineers are generally an advanced level programmer. They work with complex algorithmic sets, datasets, and programming to train ML systems to perform best.

Man-Machine teaming manager- Work collaboratively with machines to ensure higher efficiency

Artistic creativity in jobs, in the present times, has not been taken over by the technology. Machines are ahead of humans in scientific jobs like action determination, computational abilities, and pattern recognition and alike. Neither machine nor human can get triumph over each other. When these two essential aspects combine work in a highly efficient way. A new title of man-machine teaming manager has emerged that ensures effective communication between them, translate the needs of customer and employee and accordingly make strategies. Their main role is to develop interaction between humans and machines.

Voice UX designer- amplifies and designs voice UX platform for users

Voice assistant technology has leaped from a secondary source to the primary technology of using internet services. In the 2020s, it is the voice assistant is the new tech used as the source of computing. Be it the Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa Amazon or Cortana, they are developing at a very high speed. Today, companies use it as a platform to enhance digital customer involvement. It is important to make sure whether the person can comfortably connect with the voice or not. Jobs of a voice UX designer is pretty challenging as they have to make and design such a voice platform that is easily approachable by all. There are major companies that work solely in its voice assistant tech.

Computer System Analysts- ensures an effective analysis of the company’s computer system

One of the most essential career options in the IT sector that would not vanish as long as computerization exists. With the growing trend of digitalization, almost all companies work with effective computer systems that help them connect the remote areas easily without much interruption. They monitor the entire computing system of the company; design it for the organizations for efficient operation. They should have subtle knowledge limitations and requirements of both the business administration and IT department. They need to communicate with the managers to design IT-related requisites for the company.

Concluding Lines

Apart from the above-mentioned popular tech jobs, other popular job title includes cyber attack agent, joy adjutant, virtual identity defender, vertical farm consultant, machine risk officer, chief purpose planner, tidewater architect and many more. Job options are many but one should have technical expertise in it. Hence, to grab such job opportunities, one should fulfil educational requisite. Act smartly so that you are qualified for the job profile rather moaning at the changing situation. Though technological advancements have reduced the requirement of the labour force, it does not mean the world has completely transformed into a machine and there is no source of earning. Look for opportunities and make strategies accordingly.