Top NGOs in India for Child Welfare

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Which are the Top NGOs in India for Child Welfare

Which are the most fun-filled times of a person’s life? Of course, it is childhood. it is that time of life when you play, sing, dance, study and have fun. The excitement, however, is not available to those who face physical violence and abuse from an early age often leading to post-traumatic stress disorder. In a system that has failed everyone, let us discuss about the top ngos in India for child welfare, that are bringing the smile back on the most abused species on earth.

In India, a child is sexually abused every 15 minutes. Child labour, sexual abuse, and trafficking destroy the lives of millions of kids every year in India. However, the good news is that some of the NGOs are doing stellar work in improving the lives of abused children, leading to a huge social upliftment.

Let us go through some of the best NGOs that have won accolades for their work. Feel free to contact them if you know anyone who needs help.

Smile Foundation

Smile Foundation is the India-based NGO for children that have benefited over lakhs of children every year. Since its development, it has undertaken several live projects working for the welfare of the victims of child abuse. They conduct several programs based on education, healthcare, and livelihood that is one of the best ngo in India. To support the Smile Foundation, you can participate in this and volunteer the programs organized by them.

Address: Lake Gardens, Kolkata. Phone: 03324227084.

Childline India Foundation

Childline 1098 is a phone number started as an experimental project of the Department of Family and Child Welfare. At present, it is the first, free and emergency phone service for children in need available for 24*7. Sympathetic ‘Bhaiya’ and friendly ‘Didi’ is always there for the children who call them. Apart from the quick response during emergencies, they also link the children to the childcare and rehabilitation center for their betterment.

Address (Regional Office): B-1101, 11th Floor, Ratan Central, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Road, Parel East, Mumbai, 400012. Contact: +911143528467.

Save the Children

One of the leading and independent child rights NGOs of India, Save the Children is registered as Bal Raksha Bharat. The basic philosophy prompting the NGO is to provide a better future and quality life to every child. T

Save the Children approach both the remotest areas and urban regions to provide quality healthcare facilities, education to the children. They even avail life-saving aids to the victims of child abuse that risks their life. For making donations, contact +911244746000 or e-mail at [email protected]

Genesis Foundation

This is a children-based NGO that provides clinical funds to those children suffering from genetic disorders. Children requiring immediate and urgent medical care can approach Genesis Foundation. They help those children suffering from congenital heart disease while facilitating them with the best medical care. To actively participate in support of the Genesis Foundation, or donate here.

Address: 109, Sector 44, Gurugram, Haryana 122003. Contact: 01244081528.

Robin Hood Army

This NGO actively participates in alleviating hunger in society. With the establishment of the RHA academy, they provide necessary tools for education so that the children can move ahead and join better schools. They work collaboratively to correct all documents which allow the children to take admissions in schools easily. This zero-funding organization takes all initiatives to avail the food to the needy children consistently. Robin Hood Army has its headquarters in New Delhi.

Many children die due to the non-availability of proper food and healthcare facilities. India is a densely populated country where the lack of basic amenities and quality standard of living risks the life of the children. Even, parents force them to work in an unhealthy environment to sustain a living.

It is the impressive initiatives taken by the Pradan NGO, NITI Aayog, NGO Darpan and Milaap NGO that these children have been able to come out of their horrible living conditions and are living with dignity.

They inspire the world by empowering the future generations of our nation. We must promote this NGO list in India by either donating them or participating actively in their welfare programs. Take a step and experience a positive feeling after seeing a sweet smile on the face of millions of children around you.

If you are a child facing hostile situations or know somebody who needs immediate help do connect with these NGOs before it’s too late. We are also sharing some important numbers for you to help you to contact and seek assistance.

Stay safe and take care. Have a happy childhood.

Pradan NGO:

Milaap NGO:  9916174848 (

Darpaan NGO: (Phone: 011 2304 2707)

Helpline: 1098