Want to Experience the unthinkable: Travel Solo

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Travelling to a new destination relieves you of your stress, improves knowledge and helps you to come out of your comfort zone. Solo trips are even more exciting. This is because you can meet new people and share experiences that can be cherished for life. Sounds interesting? Well, if you are an adventurous guy willing to explore the world on your terms continue reading this article. We will be discussing some of the coolest things about travelling solo that will blow your mind.

• Solo Trips lets you focus more on destination
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Travelling alone lets you focus more on the destination. In the absence of friends you study about the places you are going to travel more vividly. The exquisite spots, architectures, adventure sports, beaches, nightlife everything is studied in great details as you don’t want to miss any of those. You can visit unknown places as per your wish and improvise your tour plan as and when required. You set the budget, figure out your top priorities, book the hotels and just fly off.

• You make friends on the go

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Meeting new people on a tour is a cherishing experience for a solo traveler. Unknown people often become the best buddies and stay connected for years. Sharing your thoughts and feelings about several issues can develop a strong bonding that you can enjoy for years to come. Staying with friends, family or relatives does not allow you to mix freely with another solo traveler whom you may find interesting. Hence if you like to strike up a conversation out of nowhere, “Go solo because that’s the only way.”

• You have the freedom to choose

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Travelling alone is a blessing for those who hate time-scheduled travelling in a package tour with a huge group of people. You can choose to visit 10 destinations but end up visiting 5. Who cares? You are a vegetarian suddenly looking to experiment with a hamburger. Hmmm go ahead. No one is noticing. Instead of going to the marked places you ended your tour with watching movies, shopping, partying all night, waking up in the afternoon, visiting concerts, resting in the sea-beach. “Fine, Move on”. That is the beauty of solo travel. You feel empowered while moving on wear whatever you want, eat, sleep… in short feel free to do anything that you have never done.
Final Words
Travelling solo brings out the best within you as a person. You do not have to fight with your friends about flight fare, accessories, accommodation and prioritizing tourist spots. Setting the whole plan by yourself transforms you as a person and takes the confidence level to a new high. So if you do not like groups, believe in exploring the world on your terms, meet people and celebrate life; then Go ahead, Who’s stopping you?