What Is a Virtual Data Room?

Virtual data rooms have security features that prevent screen capture, printing, or copying anywhere. It has different permission levels that can only be granted by the VDR administrator.

The Concept of the Virtual Data Room

A situation often arises that for certain processes the company engages third-party organizations that need to provide access to the company’s confidential information on a temporary basis, for example external financial and technical audits. Implementation of a technical solution by an external company. Joint projects of companies. The process of mergers/acquisitions of companies.

The virtual data room (Virtual Data Room) provides secure data exchange and storage in a private corporate cloud, or within the perimeter of the organization:

  1. Software solutions for virtual data room deployment include two software products.
  2. The main function of the virtual data room is to provide access to secure documents for authorized users through a dedicated website or through secure agent applications for workstations running Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.
  3. The virtual data room’s specially developed structure of the system provides the necessary functionality with minimal implementation costs.
  4. The system provides all users with a single information space for working with documents, internal email, mechanisms for viewing and reviewing documents.

The merger of companies is an important stage in their development, but no less important is the moment of alienation of assets – production lines, divisions, subsidiaries. In the event of a divestiture, the company sells part of its assets, while no new corporation appears. First of all, the internal stakeholders are employees of the two companies planning the merger. The roles and responsibilities of stakeholders vary from organization to organization, so it is important to develop personalized messages for each type of stakeholder.

The Virtual Data Room as an Integral Part of Due Diligence Process

What is most important in a buyer’s due diligence project? Is it important that your consultants have the correct market knowledge and understanding of the target supplier? Or would it be better to help experienced staff who handle complex client-side verification work on a daily basis? Buyer due diligence encompasses many areas.

Experienced staff from all areas of the target company are ready to give good feedback on the right side of the buyer’s side. It gives you the feeling that you understand the target company and how the acquisition fits with your growth tactical ideas. A startup’s secret fundraising weapon is its licenses, intellectual property information, and financial statements. These are the first documents that an investor would like to study. Keeping them all in a VDR will allow instant access to important people so they can decide if the startup has enough to move on to the next round of funding.

In the modern sense, this market also includes the separation or sale of assets, when a company separates part of its business units into independent corporations; all sorts of reorganizations, when a company rebuilds its capital structure in order to change the motivation of managers; buyouts of public companies by groups of private investors.

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